Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Invincible season 2, episode 8!


Invincible season 2 finale connects series with Marvel and DC multiverse, altering comic book crossovers for TV show.
New threats and multiversal chaos in Invincible season 2 Part 2, with Mark Grayson interacting with parody characters.
Meeting Batman in Invincible TV series implies connection to DC universe, setting up potential crossovers in future episodes.

The Invincible season 2 finale was an eventful one, as the series just became part of Marvel and DC’s multiverse with two hilarious references. The Invincible series is part of the broader Image Comics universe, with Mark Grayson and his surrounding supporting characters existing in the same shared universe as characters like Spawn and Savage Dragon. However, Amazon Prime Video’s Invincible just connected the series with some much bigger names, as the season 2 finale has made Invincible part of the multiverse in both Marvel and DC canon.

Invincible season 2, part 2 is finally here, with the highly anticipated continuation of Amazon Prime Video’s critically acclaimed animated adaptation of the superhero comic series of the same name now released in full on the streaming service. Invincible season 2, part 2 picks up right where Invincible season 2, part 1 ended, with Mark Grayson returning home from Thraxa in order to face some new threats back on Earth. One of the biggest threats in Invincible season 2 is the multiversal tyrant Angstrom Levy, with the villain causing some chaos that stretches beyond the Image Comics universe.

Invincible’s Version Of “Spider-Man” Explained

In the Invincible comics, Angstrom Levy sends Mark Grayson into several different alternate universes during their climactic battle. One of these universes is actually the Marvel Comics universe, with Invincible meeting Spider-Man and helping him fight off Doc Ock. While there, Mark Grayson meets several of the Avengers as well as a few key Spider-Man supporting characters. This is one of the most interesting crossovers in the Invincible comics, with it confirming that Invincible and Spider-Man exist in the same shared universe. However, the Invincible TV show alters things slightly.


What Happens To Angstrom Levy After Invincible’s Season 2 Finale

Invincible season 2 has finally ended, and here’s what will come next for season 2’s villain Angstrom Levy based on the Invincible comics.

In the TV show, Mark Grayson travels to a universe incredibly similar to the Marvel Comics one, although it isn’t really a Marvel one. Instead, Invincible teams up with a Spider-Man parody in order to fight a Doc Ock parody, with this most likely being due to licensing issues that would come with having Spider-Man and his supporting characters appear in the Amazon show. However, it has been speculated that this could be a different dimension that exists somewhere in the Spider-Verse, meaning that Invincible could still be connected to the Marvel universe in a big way.

Invincible Also Meets Batman (The Proper Version)

Although Mark meets a fake version of Spider-Man in the Invincible season 2 finale, he does meet a proper version of Batman in the same episode. A brief conversation between Mark and Batman is shown, in which Mark makes fun of Batman’s name before the episode jumps to another dimension. Although Batman’s cape is all that is seen in the cameo scene, it is clear that this is really supposed to be Batman, with this having a huge implication for the Invincible TV series.

Having Mark meet Batman means that Invincible is officially part of the DC universe, opening up all kinds of potential for Mark Grayson to meet well-known DC Comics characters. While Mark Grayson’s encounter with Batman is briefer than his encounter with the parody of Spider-Man, it is a big deal for fans of DC Comics, showing that Mark exists in the same multiverse as all of these beloved superheroes.

How Invincible’s Marvel & DC Connections Compare To The Comic Books

Although Mark Grayson’s travels throughout the different comic multiverses are similar to how they play out in the comic books, Amazon’s Invincible does make some changes to the Marvel and DC connections. In the comics, the moment in which Mark meets Batman plays out almost exactly the same with virtually no changes being made to the Amazon Prime Video version. Invincible doesn’t interact with the DC universe any further, with this being the end of Mark’s time with Batman and the DC Comics multiverse.


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However, Invincible alters Mark Grayson’s time in the Marvel Universe more significantly. This is mainly done by having Mark not meet the real Spider-Man or Doc Ock, although things do go further than that. In the Invincible and Spider-Man crossover comics, Invincible goes on a more extended adventure with Spider-Man, one that even causes him to meet the Avengers. All of this is cut from the Invincible TV show due to the rights issues, although it would have been exciting to see Mark delve further into the world of Marvel Comics after the Spider-Man crossover.


Based on the comic book character by Robert Kirkman, Invincible follows Mark Grayson,  a seventeen-year-old who leads a seemingly average life save for the fact that he lives behind the shadow of his superhero father, Omni-Man. Mark goes on to develop superhuman abilities, but he must also learn that his father’s legacy isn’t as glitzy and glamorous as he’s been led to believe.

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