Marvel Comics are no strangers to the world of manga, having created some big projects in the medium in recent years. Titles such as Deadpool: Samurai, Wolverine Snikt, Spider-Man: Fake Red, and others have helped show how North American comic characters can make the leap to the Japanese medium. Now, in a newly released report, it seems that Marvel is once again planning to bring their heroes and villains to the manga world as 2024 will see new announcements from the North American comic book company.

While Spider-Man: Fake Red and Wolverine: Snikt saw the wall-crawler and X-Men’s resident bad boy portrayed in the manga format, Deadpool: Samurai took things to the next level in bringing Wade into the medium. Rather than simply giving comic book fans a new take on the Merc With A Mouth, the manga series also saw Deadpool teaming up with a popular anime character to take on the Mad Titan Thanos. In a surprising twist, My Hero Academia’s All Might made an appearance in the series to lend Wade a hand. This was far from the only time that the anime world crossed over with Marvel’s superheroes as a previous one-shot also saw the Avengers and the Guardians of The Galaxy taking on the Titans of Attack on Titan fame

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At the last Tokyo Comic-Con, Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski confirmed that Marvel would likely reveal new manga collaborations in 2024. The previous collaborations between Marvel and Shueisha have been a big success according to Cebulski, leading the way to more manga projects down the road. The E-I-C even stated at the “Assemble at Tokyo Comic Con! Marvel Gathering 2023” that he had a “top secret meeting” concerning the upcoming collaborations.

While Marvel is jumping into the world of manga, the company has created anime adaptations in the past. In the early 2010s, Marvel teamed up with Studio Madhouse to create anime series based on Wolverine, The X-Men, Iron Man, and Blade. Currently, Marvel has yet to announce a new anime adaptation, though DC Comics is coming in hot later this year with The Suicide Squad Isekai

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