Marvel is peeling back the curtain on the new relaunch of the ongoing X-Men series by Jed MacKay and Ryan Stegman. Fans and readers are following the adventures of the X-Men in its Fall of X storytelling, which leads directly into the franchise’s From the Ashes era. Jed MacKay (Avengers, Vengeance of the Moon Knight) and Ryan Stegman (Amazing Spider-Man, Venom) are the creative team on X-Men, one of three flagship titles joined by Uncanny X-Men and Exceptional X-Men. While the creative teams and lineups for all three X-Men comics have been announced, Marvel is now revealing more of the story beats for X-Men.

X-Men will be the first title to launch in the “From the Ashes” era, with Cyclops gathering a team of his most trusted allies, reliable soldiers, and mutantkind’s future to tackle their biggest threats. Curiously, one of those threats is teased to rise from the remains of Orchis. Cyclops’ team of X-Men will also call Alaska home as they make the state their new headquarters.

“Taking on the X-Men is always a daunting prospect, but I’m extremely psyched to take this team of mutants back into the world with Ryan!” MacKay said.

“When I first got into comics, drawing X-Men was THE job you wanted as an artist,” Stegman added. “To have the opportunity now is mind-blowing.”

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

What is X-Men: From the Ashes about?

The description of X-Men #1 reads, “FROM THE ASHES! Krakoa is gone, ORCHIS has fallen…but the X-Men remain, always. Cyclops leads, because that is what he does. Beast builds, because that is what he does. And from their new home in Alaska, the X-Men raise a flag of defiance. Mutant business is their business. Join Cyclops, Beast, Magneto, Psylocke, Magik, Kid Omega, Temper, and Juggernaut as new forces in the world move into position, battling for the destiny and philosophy of the mutant species.”

The other two flagship titles are Gail Simone and David Marquez’ Uncanny X-Men, which delivers globetrotting super hero adventures as the X-Men show the world all the good mutantkind can accomplish, and Eve L. Ewing and Carmen Carnero’s Exceptional X-Men, which focuses on the trials and training young mutants need to undergo to survive in a world against them.

Three satellite series were also announced: Geoffrey Thorne and Marcus To’s X-Force, Stephanie Phillips and Alessandro Miracolo’s Phoenix, and Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Francesco Mortarino’s NYX.

X-Men #1 goes on sale July 10th.

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