Captain America admits Spider-Man is stronger, showcasing his humility and respect for his fellow hero.
Spider-Man’s superior strength stemming from his abilities makes him a formidable opponent for Captain America.
Despite being physically weaker, Captain America’s enduring heroic spirit and skills make him a timeless hero.

Warning! Spoilers for Captain America #8 ahead!Spider-Man and Captain America are two fellow Avengers that have come to blows numerous times, and now Marvel has finally settled who is the stronger of the two. Both heroes have steadfast views on saving every single person, no matter their background. They also have gained their powers through scientific means, but the question of who would win in a fight has already been answered.

Captain America #8 by J. Michael Straczynski and Carlos Magno sees Steve Rogers confess on the battlefield that he is weaker than Spider-Man. Captain America finds himself battling hordes of demons alongside other heroic mystical beings to save the world from Death itself. However, Steve’s mind is elsewhere as he struggles to keep up with these otherworldly heroes on the battlefield. As Death’s minions grow in staggering numbers, Captain America is forced to question his strength and compare himself to an even stronger Avenger: Spider-Man.

Spider-Man owes a lot to Captain America for teaching him to be a better hero. However, in reality, Cap always knew his student was stronger than him.


Spider-Man Debuts Secret Technique to Beat Captain America’s Shield

Spider-Man deploys a surprise fighting technique against his friend Captain America, unleashing a hidden ability he’s been keeping in reserve.

How Is Spider-Man Stronger Than Captain America?

Spider-Man and Captain America have similarities in terms of their powers, but the scale of their abilities is vastly different. Steve Rogers, who was born very sickly and weak, had to be given his powers by a Super Soldier Serum. This serum gave Rogers enhanced strength, durability, speed, and agility to withstand most threats despite still being human. With Spider-Man, Peter’s abilities come from a radioactive spider bit that gave him super strength, agility, and adhesive abilities. Both heroes have faced villains as powerful as monsters, demons, and gods themselves, but when they are locked in combat with each other, that’s another story.

The young and arrogant Spider-Man has fought the stubborn Boy Scout Captain America numerous times, with both trading victories. During the events of 2006’s Civil War, they find themselves on opposing sides of the conflict, with Spider-Man revealing his identity and Captain America fighting for superhero privacy and freedom. This finally brings them to blows in The Amazing Spider-Man #534 by J. Michael Straczynski and Ron Garney. Thanks to his martial arts knowledge, Cap is able to hold his own and defeat Spider-Man before convincing the young hero to join his side. They would fight again years later in 2022’s Amazing Spider-Man #23 by Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr. This time, Spidey destroys Cap with ease, using the vibranium USA shield to smash the Star-Spangled Avenger in the face.

Captain America Accepts He’s Weaker Than Spider-Man

Even as the leader of the Avengers, Captain America has to accept the fact that he has teammates who are stronger than him. Steve Rogers is nothing if not a humble superhero. Though there are heroes who could easily defeat him, Captain America continues to fight alongside them, using all the skills and powers he has honed throughout his lifetime. Spider-Man has not forgotten the lessons Cap has taught him, and he is an even better hero because of him. Despite Spider-Man being the stronger hero, Captain America’s eternal heroic spirit and endurance are why he is still considered one of Marvel’s greatest heroes.

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