(Image Source: Marvel / Joshua Cassara)


The Mutant Massacre was one of the most horrific attacks in the classic X-Men comics. Orchestrated by Mister Sinister and the Mauraders, the incident nearly wiped out the sewer-dwelling Mutants known as the Morlocks. The Anti-Mutant group Orchis sought to make history repeat itself in X-Men #33. However, the events of the issue give a new meaning to the phrase “Mutant Massacre.”

Written by Gerry Duggan, with art by Joshua Cassara, X-Men #33 continues the Fall of the House of X event. Coordinating with their Avengers allies, the Mutant heroes struck out against Orchis with a series of quick, coordinated attacks. While Orchis was briefly left floundering, they were also quick to retaliate.

(Image Source: Marvel / Joshua Cassara)

To that end, Orchis sent a squadron of their soldiers into the Morlock tunnels under Manhattan. They discovered the Mutant Resistance base within the tunnels and swarmed it, hoping to ambush the targets of their bigotry. However, instead of helpless Mutant civilians or unprepared X-Men, the Orchis agents found Wolverine ready and eager for a fight.

Wolverine often describes himself as “the best there is at what I do.” He is quick to add, however, that “what I do best isn’t very nice.” The Orchis agents discover, to their brief dismay, that this is no idle boast.

(Image Source: Marvel / Joshua Cassara)

As formidable as Orchis’ weapons are, they were of little use within the cramped confines of the Morlock tunnels. Their armor is also completely useless against adamantium claws. The X-Men choose their battleground and their warrior well, and Logan makes quick work of the Orchis soldiers.

White Queen was equally quick to note the irony in her telepathic coordination of the attacks. “Our enemies are desperate for mutant massacres,” Emma Frost noted, name-dropping the infamous incident of the past. “Let us oblige and see how they care for it.”

X-Men #33 is now available on-line and in comic shops everywhere.


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