Julia Garner was revealed to be playing a version of the Silver Surfer in April 2024.
LaKeith Stanfield has reacted to Julia Garner being cast as Silver Surfer.
There previously had been much and fancasting surrounding Stanfield for the role, with the actor suggesting he thought it would be him.

After the announcement that Marvel Cinematic Universe had found its Silver Surfer for the Fantastic Four movie, LaKeith Stanfield commented on the Marvel casting. After years of not having the character rights, Marvel Studios is getting ready to finally bring the Fantastic Four into the larger MCU. While the Fantastic Four cast has been set with its leading heroes, more characters are still being cast for the highly anticipated reboot.

Another major Fantastic Four player is making their way into the MCU, as Marvel Studios has tapped its Silver Surfer, but with a twist. Nearly a day after Julia Garner’s casting was revealed to the world, Stanfield (via Feature_First) shared his reaction to the Fantastic Four news.

The Atlanta star stated in the now-deleted post that he “thought it was going to be me,” which may have suggested he had tried for the role at some stage during development. However, there has been no official news of this being the case, and some have suggested this may have been instead a reference to the prominence of the actor as a fancasting choice for the Fantastic Four reboot.


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How The Fantastic Four Reboot Could Feature Both Silver Surfers

Since very little is currently known about Shalla-Bal’s role in the Fantastic Four movie, it’s still unclear whether Norrin Radd – who is traditionally the main Silver Surfer – will also appear, or if Shalla-Bal will be the main and only Silver Surfer in the film. While the latter is very much possible – and indeed could be best to avoid overcomplicating the lore of The Fantastic Four – there is always the possibility that he will be featured alongside Shalla, especially since their stories are intertwined.

In the comics, Norrin and Shalla have a romance that could easily be something the Fantastic Four reboot will tap into for the MCU. This way, the plot could explore the Silver Surfers in a way that wasn’t tackled in the 2000s franchise, where they only introduced Norrin in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Norrin and Shalla’s love story could also be a neat parallel to Reed Richards and Sue Storm’s romance, which will likely be a major center piece in the reboot.

It will be exciting to see how Marvel Studios tackles the entire Fantastic Four mythology, following their absence in the MCU since the franchise’s inception in 2008. With the rich stories that exist with these characters, Marvel Studios will be tapping into a massively powerful mythology over the next couple of years. Hopefully, more casting news for the Fantastic Four reboot will be revealed as the movie gets closer to starting principal photography.


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