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Every few years, the symbiotes of Marvel Comics run wild. Events such as Maximum Carnage and King in Black offered the violent mayhem only Venom and his brood can promise. Now, years of drama and death will end with a Venom War.

Venom War is the ultimate endgame of writer Al Ewing, who has been writing the adventures of Eddie Brock and his better half for several years. The current Venom monthly series centered around Eddie and his son, Dylan, as they undertook separate journeys as symbiote heroes. However, a glimpse of a terrifying future forces both to face the fact that there can be only one Venom. The father/son feud will soon become a problem for everyone in the Marvel Universe, forcing them to take a side in the coming conflict.

“This is what we’ve been building to since the start of this wild and way-out symbiote odyssey — the fateful confrontation between father and son!” Ewing explained. “Where better to have it than inside the squared circle? I’m tellin’ ya, goo believer — this is vehemently varied Venom violence like never viewed, and only one host can wear the symbiote when the dust settles! Who’s it gonna be?”

In addition to the monthly Venom series, Venom War will take place across five limited series. While based on Ewing’s design, the comics are the work of an all-star team of talent. A full list of creators, covers, story synopses, and release dates follows.

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The Venom Symbiote has bonded with both Eddie Brock and his son Dylan at different points. Now both Brocks are going head-to-head, determined to be the one, true Venom!

Written by Al Ewing
Art and Cover by Iban Coello
Foil Variant Cover by David Baldeón
On Sale August 7, 2024
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Another Dylan Brock is on a mission to make sure things go the way they’re supposed to. And he’s an older Dylan Brock. That’s right – Old Man Venom is jumping through time to guarantee the correct victor in the Venom War – starting with a jaunt that takes him right into Spider-Man’s history!

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Eddie Brock wants the symbiote, Dylan Brock wants the symbiote…but they’re forgetting about the first host to ever wear the black…Peter Parker! That’s right – Spider-Man is back in black again, and this time, he’s liking how it fits him!

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As Dylan and Meridius rally their troops, Carnage has plans of his own. Could they involve the new deadly-to-symbiotes weapon he discovered in Carnage #8? And whose side will he ultimately be on?

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Fresh off the Black Widow: Venomous one-shot, Natasha and her symbiote start looking into horrific experiments at Alchemax… but Agent Anti-Venom is also on the case!

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As the two Venoms face off, a darker strain of symbiote has slithered across New York City…one that can reanimate the dead and turn the living into an engine of mindless hunger with just one bite! That’s right – zombie symbiotes making symbiote zombies!


”}]] August 2024 will see a Venom War shake the Marvel Universe, as former wearers of the symbiote take sides in the coming conflict.  Read More