Namor has forsaken the Atlantean throne in a first look at Jason Aaron’s
Namor’s abscence will have profound ramifications for Atlantis, as various factions begin jockeying for power.

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Game of Thrones.

Namor the Sub-Mariner’s forthcoming miniseries, best described as “underwater Game of Thrones,” promises to change Marve lore forever. Later this summer, superstar writer Jason Aaron will breathe new life into the King of Atlantis in the eight-issue Namor miniseries. The book sees Namor abdicate his throne for as yet unknown reasons. This sets off a war of succession between the various kingdoms of the ocean.

Jason Aaron discussed Namor #1 in an interview on Marvel’s website. Aaron has compared the book, which will be drawn by Paul Davidson and Alex Lins, with his previous work on Thor and The Punisher. Acknowledging Namor’s dark side, Aaron believes that the character’s shifting morality has left him in a dark place. Aaron hints this is one of the reasons Namor has forsaken Atlantis.

More importantly, seven different tribes and kingdoms come together to decide who gets control of the throne, while readers will also learn what sank Atlantis in the first place.

Namor’s 85-Year History Is About to Be Rocked to Its Core

Jason Aaron’s New Series Will Explore the Politics of Atlantis

Namor the Sub-Mariner is one of Marvel’s oldest heroes, and a case can be made that he was their first. Appearing at the dawn of comics’ Golden Age, the Sub-Mariner was also Marvel’s first mutant. What immediately set Namor apart from his Golden Age contemporaries was his surly and petulant attitude. Namor hated nearly everyone on the surface world, and he took his anger out on both the Allies and the Axis. Namor leaped into the Silver Age, which played up his gray morality even further. Namor has been affiliated with both the Avengers and the X-Men.

In the interview with Marvel, Jason Aaron mentioned the different worlds that Namor travels in: mutant, Avenger, Atlantean, and king. Atlantis’ throne is Namor’s birthright. He has gone to great lengths to protect Atlantis and the undersea world, and the idea that he has turned his back on them both is shocking. Aaron remained coy about what led Namor to this point, but fans can assume it would not be good. Marvel revealed that Namor will be in a land-based prison when the book begins, with no desire to return to Atlantis.


Namor Only Respects One Shocking Fantastic Four Member

Namor has a long history working against the Fantastic Four — but he respects perhaps the last member of the team fans would ever expect.

Various Powers Are Jockeying For the Atlantean Throne Namor Left Behind

What Will Become of Atlantis in Namor’s Abscence?

Atlantis is one of the most powerful nations in the Marvel Universe, and for many years it was under Namor’s thumb. While Namor had violent tendencies, which led him to attack the surface world more than once, he also could temper them. Atlantis under new management raises some interesting possibilities. Atlantis’ new rulers could take a more benevolent approach to surface world relations. Alternately, relations could chill if the right faction takes the throne, and some could even lead to all-out violence–similar to an underwater version of Game of Thrones.

Source: Marvel

Namor #1 is on sale July 17 from Marvel Comics!

Namor #1 (2024)

Writer: Jason Aaron Artist: Paul Davidson & Alex Lins Cover Artist: Alexander Lozano

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