Marvel’s forthcoming
Werewolf by Night: Blood Hunt
#1 sends the character in a violent new direction.
The events of
Blood Hunt
will forever alter not only vampires, but other Marvel monsters as well.

Blood Hunt
will not be the end for the Werewolf by Night, as he will star in his own ongoing spinning out of it.

Marvel’s forthcoming Blood Hunt event will affect many heroes, including the Werewolf by Night, who gets a new look and new powers. This Summer, the vampires of the Marvel Universe make the move they have been waiting for for centuries. Blacking out the Earth’s sun, the vampires attack Earth’s heroes. In Werewolf by Night: Blood Hunt #1, the Werewolf leaps into the fray in an ultra-violent one-shot.

Werewolf by Night: Blood Hunt #1 is written by Jason Loo and drawn by Adam Gorham. In the one-shot, the vampire’s plan affects Jack Russell in some truly shocking ways. While focusing on Jack Russell, Werewolf by Night: Blood Hunt #1 will also mark the return of Jake Gomez, another Werewolf introduced over three years ago.

Werewolf by Night: Blood Hunt #1 (2024)

Release Date:

July 3, 2024


Jason Loo


Adam Gorham

Cover Artist:

Davide Paratore

Variant Covers:

Sean Galloway, Maria Wolf

As the BLOOD HUNT wreaks untold havoc across the Marvel Universe, one of those affected in most unexpected ways is the WEREWOLF BY NIGHT! Imbued with NEW ABILITIES, a NEW LOOK, and a DANGEROUS NEW DIRECTION, this Werewolf by Night is UNLIKE ANY YOU HAVE SEEN OR KNOWN BEFORE! Starring JAKE GOMEZ, this is one tie-in no BLOOD HUNT reading order is complete without!

In Davide Paratore’s cover, the Werewolf has indeed changed his shape. He is now bulky, and sporting white fur. The solicitation did not make it clear what led to the change, but regardless, the Werewolf by Night is back.

The Werewolf by Night Has Been a Marvel Favorite for Over 50 Years

The Werewolf is Getting a New Look and Powers for a New Era

The loosening of the Comics Code Authority in the early 1970s led to a rebirth of horror comics. Folkloric creatures such as werewolves and vampires entered the Marvel Universe, including Jack Russell, the Werewolf by Night. After appearing in a try-out book, the Werewolf was given his own series. Critically acclaimed in its day, Werewolf by Night would go on to become a cult favorite. The Werewolf made the leap to live action, starring in a self-titled special, linked to the MCU, airing on Disney +.

Blood Hunt is the culmination of over 50 years of scheming on the part of Earth’s vampires, and it will affect other monsters, such as the Werewolf, as well. Jack Russell will obtain new powers and a new look. Marvel has remained mum on what they will be. The Werewolf was already super strong with amazing reflexes, ideal for fighting vampires. However, with the vampire threat at an all-time high, the Werewolf must undergo a drastic shift. The solicitation mentioned the Werewolf would be embarking on a “dangerous new direction,” but did not clarify what it meant.


Miles Morales’ Team-Up With Blade May Be to Blame for Marvel’s BLOOD HUNT – Theory Explained

A fairly recent crossover between Blade and Miles Morales’ Spider-Man may be exactly what is leading the Marvel Universe into the upcoming Blood Hunt.

After Blood Hunt, The Terror Is Not Over for the Werewolf by Night

The Werewolf Will Star Is His Own New Ongoing Title

Blood Hunt is not the end of the road for the Werewolf by Night. The character will receive a new ongoing book once Blood Hunt has concluded. Also written by Jason Loo, the new Werewolf by Night title promises violence and gore galore–much like the Blood Hunt one-shot. Advanced information on the new title reveals that Jack Russell will be on a quest for redemption. Furthermore, he can no longer trust anyone. Something horrible is going to happen to the Werewolf by Night in Blood Hunt, something that will strip him of his humanity.

Werewolf by Night: Blood Hunt #1 is on sale July 3 from Marvel Comics!

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