Steven Yeun’s surprise exit from Thunderbolts has sparked criticism from fans, who fear it will be another disappointing MCU project like Secret Invasion. User @jadedwisteria suggests that if the rumor about Yeun’s departure is true, Thunderbolts could turn out to be a disaster on par with Secret Invasion. Some fans attribute Yeun’s exit to scheduling conflicts caused by recent SAG-AFTRA strikes, dismissing the notion that it reflects negatively on the upcoming MCU movie.

The surprise exit of Steven Yeun from Thunderbolts has spurred some fans to roast the MCU project more than a year before the movie’s 2025 release. The MCU experienced a tough year in 2023, with Secret Invasion being among the biggest disappointments in the franchise after garnering poor reviews and viewership data. To tar an upcoming MCU project with the same brush, therefore, is a harsh criticism before the franchise has had a chance to even confirm story details about Thunderbolts.

This is, however, what user @jadedwisteria has suggested via Twitter/X following the surprise departure of Steven Yeun, who is presumed to have been cast as Sentry, from Thunderbolts.

Other fans, meanwhile, share the sentiment that this means bad news for the upcoming MCU movie, like u/LeMoineSpectre

via Reddit.

Other users, however, have noted that it is simply scheduling conflicts driven by recent SAG-AFTRA strikes that have caused Yeun to exit the project, including u/verissimoallan via Reddit.

Other skeptical fans have noted that Yeun’s departure came soon after he was rumored to have tried on the Sentry suit, which he supposedly loved. User @VegasBabyKJ, however, implied with a reversed Spider-Man gif that it was specifically the suit that put him off.

Meanwhile, @AndrewsVisual suggested that, regardless of Yeun’s reasons for departing, it would harm the movie’s overall appeal, suggesting that Yeun, along with Harrison Ford, was one of the few cast members who made it worth seeing.

Another relatively common belief, however, is that Yeun may have dodged a bullet by exiting the franchise, expressing general cynicism surrounding the upcoming Thunderbolts in 2025, such as u/CincinnatusSee.


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Despite the pessimism among some fans, the likelihood is that Steven Yeun’s departure is down to scheduling conflicts following the SAG-AFTRA strikes rather than anything else. Steven Yeun is riding a wave of popularity – hence the ire his exit has drawn – and will likely be locked into projects that must prevent him from joining Thunderbolts. With that in mind, it does not mean that the team-up movie currently slated to follow the release of Fantastic Four by two months is doomed to fail. It has, however, now become the latest movie to experience casting woes, with Fantastic Four being among them.

The public conviction of Jonathan Majors and his subsequent removal from the MCU already came at an awkward time that Thunderbolts casting trouble has now exacerbated. Fantastic Four is reportedly also struggling to nail down a cast for its iconic eponymous team, which now leaves many of the MCU’s biggest upcoming projects up in the air. This seems to be what has given rise to suggestions that Yeun leaving the project is just the latest piece of evidence that the MCU is unraveling. With the SAG-AFTRA strikes at an end, however, the hope remains that this is simply a stumbling block that Marvel is poised to spring back from.

Source: X and Reddit

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