Nia DaCosta wanted to include more mutants from the X-Men universe in The Marvels, but Kevin Feige talked her out of it. Other potential X-Men characters that could have appeared in The Marvels include Charles Xavier, Storm, Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Wolverine. DaCosta also had plans to include Adam Warlock, but the character instead debuted in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Warning! This article includes MAJOR SPOILERS from The Marvels.Everyone is eager to see the characters from the X-Men universe join the MCU. And it’s not just the fans. FIlmmaker Nia DaCosta reveals she wanted to include more mutants in The Marvels, but Kevin Feige talked her out of it. In a recent interview with AP Entertainment, the director confessed that she would have liked to include more characters from the popular Marvel Comics franchise now that the rights belong to Disney and Marvel Studios, but Feige had other plans:

“Okay, so Kevin and I, it’s one of our fights. I really wanted- [laughs] I really was pushing so much X-Men. And he was like, ‘We have to just be very calm about this and be measured adults,’ which is why he’s the boss, you know what I mean? He knows better than I do and I’m a big nerd who needs to be reined in, so, um- But there are a couple. Of course, we have a Mutant in the movie, so that’s amazing. And then I got, you know, maybe I got my little Easter eggs as well.”

The most recent Marvel Studios film may not be performing too well at the box office, but one of its post-credits scenes has once again captured the attention of fans. As usually happens with a large part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe projects.

At the end of the movie, to prevent an opening between two worlds from destroying her universe, Monica Rambeau ends up getting trapped in a reality that is not hers. There she meets a woman identical to her mother, although it is not Maria Rambeau but a mutant known as Binary. But the most impressive revelation of the scene is the return of Kelsey Grammer as Beast, since Monica is apparently at the X-Men headquarters in a parallel universe.

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Grammer’s participation in the movie was undoubtedly a pleasant surprise for fans, especially for those who are awaiting the official introduction of the X-Men into the MCU, something that will happen with the release of Deadpool 3 next year. That may have been the reason why Feige prevented more characters from that universe from showing up in The Marvels, so not to ruin the impact of the next Merc with a Mouth movie.

However, if DaCosta had it her way, there are many characters she could have chosen to appear alongside Beast. The most obvious choice is Charles Xavier, the leader of the X-Men. In fact, Patrick Stewart was already able to reprise his role from the original saga recently, in Doctor Stranger in the Multiverse of Madness. Characters like Halle Berry’s Storm, Famke Janssen’s Jean Grey, James Marsden’s Cyclops and even Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine would also have been very well received by fans, although it is not clear if the reality Monica arrived at is the one from that movie saga or a completely different universe.

Not only did DaCosta have plans to include other X-Men characters, she also wanted Adam Warlock to appear in The Marvels, before learning that the character would be included in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

The Marvels is out now in theaters.

 Nia DaCosta says she was “pushing so much” for more X-Men cameos to be featured in The Marvels.  Read More