The monthly Bounty Hunters title in the Star Wars comic line charted a careful course between being a book committed to established characters and nostalgia and one interested in providing space for new figures and lore to be explored. The Terminator-looking Valance now seems perfectly integrated into the dark underworld of bounty hunters, and Ethan Sack’s work with the character successfully gave him a purpose and bravura. So, while this collection of Star Wars: Bounty Hunters is the final arc of this series (and part of the Dark Droids crossover to boot), the concluding chapter of this title leaves several satisfying doors open for future voyages. 

Collecting Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #35-42, this trade is longer than the other Dark Droids collections seeing that it also serves as the final to the series. While a tie-in to the larger crossover, many of the core storylines established in previous arcs are further explored in the issues collected here. With Boba Fett back in the mix, Valance and T’onga team up with bounty hunters Khel Tanna, Deathstick, Durge, to defy the Black Sun Syndicate’s hit on Fett. Meanwhile, Zuckuss, 4-LOM, and other bounty hunters confront the dangerous droid ambush, complicated by a corrupted Valance at the whim of the mechanical virus/entity taking over droids throughout the galaxy. Fan favorite General Grievous also shows up and provides a potential alliance with our team of antiheroes as they race to save the galaxy from robotic destruction.

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The final issue finds Valance regaining his memory and sets his mark on Jabba the Hutt in the crime lord’s own domain, connecting the character to the events at the beginning of Return of the Jedi. While it feels a bit rushed, it is an adequate conclusion to this title, with many doors left open for these characters to return in a different series.  

Marvel Comics

Unfortunately, this last arc of this series has not one, not two, but four artists responsible for the line work. While they are all capable illustrators, this many cooks in the kitchen does give this final run of comics a disjointed feel. Marvel was clearly trying to tap into fans of manga with the stylistic choices made for this series, with highly expressive character contortions and bright visuals to complement Ethan Sacks’ plot. I prefer the subdued style seen on Darth Vader, but at least Bounty Hunters is visually distinct from its Star Wars counterparts. I simply wish a single artist had been given the opportunity to establish its graphical personality. 

While this is the end of Bounty Hunters, recent announcements have shown that Marvel is far from done with these characters, and we will surely see Valance and his ragtag crew again. While the series was successful at making its central character a known entity in the Star Wars Universe, the final arc feels like a race to wrap up this title and move pieces on the narrative chess board. 

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“]] While this is the end of Bounty Hunters, recent announcements have shown that Marvel is far from done with these characters.  Read More