Kamala Khan’s return from the dead as Marvel’s newest mutant has seriously impacted the hero’s place in the Marvel Universe.

The X-Men resurrected the young Ms. Marvel after discovering her X-gene and confirming her dual mutant/Inhuman heritage. However, the hero’s mutant power has yet to manifest. Despite her rebirth happening nearly a year ago, she’s still only using her Inhuman shapeshifting abilities. But Khan’s life has gone in a new direction following the revelation. She’s learned more about her mutant roots throughout multiple miniseries co-written by actor Iman Vellani (who plays the hero in the MCU), the most recent of which is “Ms. Marvel: Mutant Menace” (by Vellani, Sabir Pirzada, Scott Godlewski, Erick Arciniega, and Joe Caramagna). Next up, she’ll co-star in “NYX” (by Collin Kelly, Jason Lanzing, and Francesco Mortarino), part of Marvel’s “From the Ashes” relaunch of its X-Men line. Ms. Marvel is set to play a key role in the series, which features her alongside other young mutants living in New York City.

Where the adventures of Ms. Marvel will take her next on the big and small screen isn’t known following her most recent appearance in “The Marvels.” But, given Marvel’s statement about Feige’s lack of involvement in her death, readers shouldn’t expect Khan’s live-action story to align too closely with what’s happening in the comics. Ms. Marvel is a mutant in both universes now, yes, but how her different stories unfold appears to be in the hands of entirely separate editorial and creative entities.

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