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Marvel’s big ‘Gang War’ crossover is officially here. And after getting off to an explosive start, Spider-Man is bringing together a team of vigilante heroes from across New York City to help quell the fighting between the city’s gangs in December 6’s Amazing Spider-Man #39 from writer Zeb Wells and penciler John Romita, Jr. 

We’ve got an early preview of some pages from the issue, featuring Spidey assembling his team of She-Hulk, Miles Morales, Spider-Woman, and Elektra (as Daredevil). Though Mayor Luke Cage has pledged to keep the police and anti-superhero patrols off of Spidey and his pals’ backs, there’s still the matter of some laws keeping superheroes illegal in New York City which are complicating Spider-Man’s response to the new threat.

And in a more immediate sense, they’ve got to deal with an AIM faction that’s taking advantage of the situation on the ground in New York City, as seen in the pages here:

“GANG WAR KICKS OFF HERE! Super-crime is running rampant, and Spider-Man can’t solve just one problem at a time,” reads Marvel’s official description of Amazing Spider-Man #39. “So Spidey builds a team to take down ALL the super-criminals of NYC in 48 hours. Good luck, Spidey.”

Several members of Spidey’s team will also see ‘Gang War’ spill over into their own titles, including Miles Morales’ ongoing Spider-Man title, and new spin-off limited series launching for Elektra Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Spider-Woman. The event will run through February, with big ramifications promised for the state of the Marvel Universe.

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