If you’re a dog lover, then get ready to have your heart stolen by D-Dog. She’s got a thirst for justice, and a love for tennis balls. Once you get to know Marvel’s newest hero, you will wish you could pet her in real life. Or give her treats and snuggles. She deserves them, because she’s a good dog. The best doggo.

In fact, if you’re a pet lover, then you’ll go crazy for Marvel Unleashed #1 (written by Kyle Starks and penciled by Jesus Hervas). The limited series features a team-up of Marvel’s most adorable animals, including Lucky the Pizza Dog, Redwing, Lockjaw, Chewie the Flerken, Throg, and of course D-Dog. Can we just spend the rest of this article talking about how awesome D-Dog is? I think that’s what we’re going to do.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Marvel Unleashed #1.

Who is D-Dog?

Image credit: Marvel Comics

Are you ready to get to know D-Dog? Here’s a brief character breakdown on Marvel’s most precious furry superhero (sorry Hank McCoy).

Name: D-Dog. She claims that D stands for Dog, which means her superhero name is actually Dog-Dog. That’s okay with me. Saying dog is always fun, so saying it two times in a row is twice as fun. D-Dog tells her allies that she has a secret identity to protect, so we never learn her real name.

Costume: D-Dog wears a Demolition-Man mask that she found at the dump. It strikes fear into the hearts of her enemies, and love into the hearts of her readers. (It’s me, I’m the reader who loves how she looks in the mask).

Powers: D-Dog had a simple answer when she was asked if she had any powers. “Well, no. I do have a relentless desire to right wrongs and to defend the defenseless. And I’m great at catching balls. Really great,” D-Dog replied. In case you’re curious, she proves her claim about catching balls.

Secret Origin: This is pretty tragic. D-Dog was a stray who was abandoned in a junkyard by her owners. She found a Demolition-Man mask among the garbage, and it inspired her to become a hero. “She would be a hero in a world desperate for heroes. She became D-Dog! The justice that barks,” D-Dog recounted.

Base of Operations: D-Dog tells her pet allies that she doesn’t have a home, but she has a secret headquarters. A single panel flashback reveals that her headquarters appears to be underneath a bridge. Don’t worry D-Dog, you can come to my house whenever you need a warm bed, treats, and cuddles.

Goals: “I know I have a long way to go, but one day, I hope to be the greatest hero who ever lived. I’m going to save everyone who ever needed help,” D-Dog proudly states. She says it with such confidence, that I think she will actually be able to pull it off.

Why we love D-Dog

Image credit: Marvel Comics

What makes D-Dog so lovable? Are we all just suckers for cute animals? Maybe, but I think it’s so much more than that. The Marvel Universe is filled with lots of cute animals, but D-Dog stands apart from the rest. In fact, she isn’t even the only cute animal in this series, but she still managed to steal the show from veterans like Lucky the Pizza Dog and Chewie.

I think it comes down to D-Dog’s earnestness. She just wants to help, and how can anybody hate a dog that just wants to help? She has a tragic backstory and doesn’t have a human to call her own. Yet she never complains about her ordeal. We can tell it makes her sad, but instead she focuses her energy on being the best hero she can be. It’s hard to look at that without saying “Awww.”

In that way, I think D-Dog brings out our nurturing side. The side of us that cares for others and wants to spread love. That’s why we love D-Dog, because she brings out all the good feelings in us. At one point during Marvel Unleashed #1 she talks about what she hopes her legacy will be. “One day they’ll say that D-Dog was the best there ever was. She was just a little dog, but boy she had a big heart,” she says.

That day has arrived D-Dog. Thank you for having a big heart, and making the Marvel Universe a more a loveable place.

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