Warning: Contains potential spoilers for Blade #6!Marvel is upgrading Blade with even more vampire powers ahead of his MCU reboot. Mainstream audiences met Marvel’s premier vampire hunter in 1998’s Blade, starring Wesley Snipes. The movie was a smash hit, and soon the character will be rebooted for his MCU debut, where he will be played by Mahershala Ali. Yet before Blade returns to theaters, he is getting a huge upgrade in the comics, unlocking new vampire powers-and it is all thanks to his worst enemy.

Marvel shared more information on Blade #6 in its November and December solicitations. The issue will be written by Bryan Hill with art and cover by Elena Casagrande. The solicitation reads as follows:


Until Blade became Sheriff of Vampire Nation, Dracula was his sworn enemy. Now Dracula is the only who can teach Blade what he still needs to learn about himself…and how to unlock new powers of vampirism Blade didn’t even know he possessed!

Casagrande’s cover, shared below, seems to confirm the solicitation, showing Blade and Dracula standing side by side, both smiling.

Blade and Dracula Have Become Major Players in the Marvel Universe

An alliance between Blade and his arch-nemesis Dracula would have been unheard of a decade ago. Over the past five years, Dracula has been consolidating his power, culminating in the creation of the Vampire Nation. The Lord of Vampires sought international recognition for his new country, and the United Nations agreed-on one condition: that Blade serve as the Sheriff of the Vampire Nation, watching over it and ensuring its denizens do not get too rowdy. Being appointed Sheriff is a big step forward for Blade, who normally works outside the system and in the shadows. Blade also recently received a new ongoing series, in which he must ally himself with Earth’s vampires against a new threat. Now, with the dust settled, Dracula has arrived to teach Blade about powers he did not know he had.

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Why Have Dracula and Blade Allied Themselves?

The solicitation raises many questions about Blade and his new vampiric powers. As a Daywalker, Blade already has access to many of a vampire’s powers and abilities-what additional powers could he possibly have? While Blade has the super strength and agility of a vampire, he lacks their ability to turn into mist or shape-shift into an animal-could he at long last gain these abilities? Having this power would give Blade a serious advantage over his prey. And why is Dracula, of all people, showing Blade these powers for the first time? As Lord of the Vampires, Dracula has abilities and knowledge beyond a traditional vampire-what does he know about Blade that Blade himself would not? And why is Dracula waiting until now to reveal them?

Dracula Has an Agenda for Blade

Dracula is a schemer, and a master strategist, so it is unlikely he is showing Blade these new powers out of the goodness of his heart. Dracula clearly has something in mind for Blade-but what is it? And is there a catch for these new powers? What will Blade have to give up to gain them? Furthermore, Blade knows Dracula well enough to know these lessons in power will come with a price-but how far is he willing to go to gain them? Ahead of Blade’s MCU reboot, he is gaining even more vampire powers-making him one of Marvel’s most fearsome heroes.

Blade #6 is on sale this December from Marvel Comics!

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