The Multiverse Saga introduces new characters in the MCU who have their origin stories fleshed out without needing a solo film, breaking away from the repetitive Phase 1 formula. Even characters introduced in Disney+ series, like Kate Bishop, showcase the MCU’s new approach to origin stories in a condensed setting, indicating a departure from the traditional trend. With over 30 films already in the MCU, changing up the origin story formula helps keep the franchise fresh and creative, especially as the Phase 6 projects focus on younger heroes and utilize the platform of Disney+.

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving into a new era with the Multiverse Saga, the franchise’s latest new characters prove that the studio has acknowledged early criticism. Every iconic character that has debuted in the MCU timeline comes with their own origin story, and the formula for these origin stories has been relatively straightforward since the MCU Phase 1. A character will be introduced as an underdog of sorts, with their first film usually showing them getting used to their unique powers while sometimes teasing another MCU character alongside them.

While it is the classic superhero origin story, the repetitiveness of it started to wear on audiences as the MCU progressed. By the time of films like Ant-Man and Doctor Strange, the origin story formula had already been done with numerous heroes beforehand. Most of the origins followed the same story beats and even included the same kind of villain that mirrored the hero. The end of the Infinity Saga was the perfect time for the studio to act on the criticism, and the Multiverse Saga’s new characters have already proven that the Phase 5 and 6 movies will start branching out from the origin story formula.

MCU’s New Characters Totally Change The Phase 1 & 2 Origin Story Criticism

The Multiverse Saga has most notably seen the introduction of several younger heroes to the MCU. These younger heroes have often debuted alongside more established MCU characters, and their ties to their mentors contribute to part of their origin story. Yelena Belova and America Chavez were only supporting characters in their respective films, but their origin stories were effectively fleshed out without needing a solo film. Even characters who debuted in a Disney+ series, like Kate Bishop, have shown off the MCU’s new take on origin stories in a more condensed setting.

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Kamala Khan’s origin story can be considered the most akin to the standard formula since she has a solo series that explores her powers. However, Ms. Marvel still manages to subvert from the Phase 1 origin story tradition by not having her save the world from some big bad or uprooting her whole life because of her newfound hero identity. Phase 5 and 6’s new take on character introductions suggest that the MCU has developed enough that they don’t need to stick to a traditional trend or formula and that the studio can take more liberties with origin stories with so much lore already developed.

Why The MCU Needs A Huge Range Of Hero Origin Stories For Its Future To Work

The MCU’s Phase 1 origin story formula may have been the most effective way to translate a comic story to the big screen at the time, but the franchise has evolved past that. There is such a huge range of origin stories in the comics that the MCU subverting from tradition will be the best way to mirror its unique source material. With over 30 films in the MCU already, the superhero origin stories were starting to get too predictable. Marvel changing things up will help keep the franchise feeling fresh and creative going into a new era of the Phase 6 projects.

Phases 1 and 2 of the MCU are undoubtedly iconic, but the standard storytelling format introduced in these phases could only work for so long. Going into the Multiverse Saga, Marvel had to do something to address the criticism of their redundant origin story formula. Whether it be alongside their mentor or in the grounded setting of teenage life, Phase 5 has already introduced new characters in ways that differ from before. With a shift in focus towards younger heroes and Disney+ being a whole new platform for the MCU to play with, Phase 6 should only continue to subvert expectations.

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