The hype for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 continues to build as its launch draws closer, and with that, of course, has gone hand-in-hand with a lot of hunger in fans for more new details on the game. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of information that’s been revealed by Insomniac and Sony so far, and though we have previously covered a great deal of it in previous features, there’s plenty more yet that we haven’t spoken about. To that end, here, we’re going to take a look at a few more details that you should know about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.


When you’re swinging and zipping around as Spider-Man, in all likelihood, fall damage is going to be the last thing on your mind, and sure enough, neither Marvel’s Spider-Man not Miles Morales had fall damage. In Spider-Man 2, however, those who do wish to contend with the constant threat of fall damage will have the option to toggle it on. By default, however, it will remain off, so if you want it enabled, you’re going to have to manually do so in the game’s settings.


Alongside fall damage, Insomniac has confirmed that another option that will be available to players in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is an assist for steering yourself while you’re swinging. Specific details on this haven’t been revealed, but presumably, the Swing Steering assist will make the process of directing yourself while you’re swinging around a bit easier and a bit more automated. That, however, won’t be the only assist feature in the game- far from it.


Sony’s first party studios have been at the forefront of pushing accessibility features in their games in recent years, and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will continue that trend. Insomniac has confirmed that the title will be bringing back accessibility options from both previous Spider-Man games and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, while also adding some new options of its own- like Challenge Level Modifiers, which will let you select individual difficulty levels for things such as enemy health, enemy damage, and stealth awareness. Meanwhile, Insomniac has also confirmed that the game will feature support for the PlayStation Access controller.


In the lead-up to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s launch, Insomniac Games has also revealed a partial list of the Trophies you’ll be able to unlock in the game. There’s one for finishing the main story, of course, which will be a Gold Trophy, while several Silver Trophies will be tied to side activities and progression, like purchasing all gadget upgrades, purchasing all suits, hitting the level cap, and completing all FNSM side quests. Bronze Trophies, meanwhile, will be tied to individual quests and side quests, purchasing all suit tech upgrades, doing 25 stealth takedowns using the new Web Line gadget, performing 30 consecutive air tricks without touching the ground, and more.


The traversal was arguably the best thing in both Spider-Man games so far, and it looks like that’s very much going to be the case in the upcoming sequel as well, thanks to the many improvements and refinements Insomniac is promising. One smaller addition that’s caught out eye is the new Slingshot technique, which will allow you to attach two webs to objects on either side of you, pull yourself back as much as possible, and then let go to instantly launch yourself forward. It’s also been confirmed that though there will be dedicated slingshot spots that you’ll be able to find, the technique can be used anywhere.


One of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s headline features is that it has two playable protagonists, with both Miles and Peter sharing the stage this time, while you can also freely (and near instantaneously) switch between the two out in the open world. To add some spice to that, however, when you’re playing as one Spider-Man, the other isn’t going to disappear. So, for instance, if you’re playing as Miles, you might see Peter swinging through the city in the distance, or might even be joined by him while you’re in the middle of stopping a crime.


Insomniac, like several other first party PlayStation studios, loves to push the envelope with its tech with each new release. With Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, it’s doing that in more ways than one, and one on the audio side of things that’s caught the attention of a fair few people is its support for Dolby Atmos. In fact, Insomniac has confirmed that the game has been natively mixed in Dolby Atmos, which means you can expect it to leverage it much better than games that may support it but aren’t natively mixed in it (which has been the vast majority of PS5 games up to this point).


One area where Marvel’s Spider-Man and Miles Morales have both drawn some criticism is how stilted their open world map could feel at times, though Insomniac that Spider-Man 2 will feature a New York that feels much more alive and vibrant. It’s making several improvements to achieve that goal, including a higher density of pedestrians on the streets, a wider and more diverse array of body types for civilians, added actions for NPCs (like entering and exiting buildings), more realistic animations for automobiles, and much greater details in buildings’ interiors when you’re peeking in through the windows.


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s New York is going to be nearly twice as large as the map in its two predecessors, with two new boroughs being added in the form of Brooklyn and Queens. That, of course, means you can expect plenty of new locations, which, Insomniac has confirmed, will include Coney Island. In fact, not only can you visit Coney Island, as confirmed by project director Jeannette Lee in an interview with German outlet Golem, you can even use the rides in its amusement parks.


In previous features, we’ve spoken plenty about some of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s most crucial characters, including the likes of Peter, Miles, MJ, and Harry, among others, but what about some of the relatively less prominent characters and what their stories will have in store? A few brief details have been revealed for some of them as well. J. Jonah Jameson, for instance, is no longer an independent journalist, and has instead returned to the Daily Bugle (which, interestingly enough, means he now works with MJ). Then there’s Yuri, the cop who broke bad and went rogue in the first game’s DLC- though Insomniac hasn’t confirmed whether she will be returning, potential hints in the game’s trailers have seemingly suggested that she’ll return as the vigilante known as Wraith. Insomniac, meanwhile, has said that several side quests in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will revolve around new villains that haven’t appeared in previous games- perhaps one of the game’s side quests will be focused on Yuri’s return as Wraith? One can always hope.


As a first party PlayStation title, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is of course going to try and keep pushing the envelope with its implementation of the DualSense’s unique features, and though the fall extent of what to expect on this front is currently unknown, some details have been shared by the developer. For instance, one specific minigame in Spider-Man 2 will require you to align a particle collider’s beam emitters by carefully applying specific, different levels of pressure to each trigger.


This is a question that invariably gets asked for pretty much every game- how long will it be? Thankfully, we know the answer to that question in this case. Though Insomniac hasn’t provided a specific number, the developer has said that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is going to be roughly as long as the first game. That would mean a main story that’s roughly 20 hours long, though if you’re looking to get 100% completion or unlock the Platinum, you’ll probably be looking at closer to 40 hours.

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