Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is promising to be a treasure trove of content, both in terms of storytelling and suits within the game. Insomniac has already stated that there will be over 60 suits within the game, each with their own color scheme. Fans have already begun to identify some of the suits that have been shown in the trailers.

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With the release date of the game crawling ever closer, everyone is eagerly anticipating the array of new (and returning) gadgets, suits, and skills for the sequel of one of Marvel‘s best games. Here are ten of the best suits, for both Spider-Men, that have been revealed to the public so far.

Honorable Mention: Peter Parker’s Ben Reilly (Las Vegas) Suit

This suit wasn’t actually shown with much detail, only showcasing the back view of it. Yet, the textures and colors stand out so well that it had to be brought up. Peter’s clone brother Ben has notoriously had an array of different suits, but the Las Vegas Scarlet Spider suit has never really gotten the recognition the others have.

It wouldn’t be fair though, to have this suit higher up on the list without seeing the front of it. Comic book fans can easily predict how the spider emblem would look, but you never know what touches Insomniac may have added. For now, this suit remains an honorable mention.

10 Miles Morales’ Puerto Rican Suit

This is just nice to see. With the dawn of projects like the Spiderverse films and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Miles’ Puerto Rican heritage has started to be showcased in a far more prominent and impactful manner. The culture and impact of Rio Morales have deeply connected with her son.

The Puerto Rican suit (or at least that’s what the internet has been calling it so far) is a simple, sweet, and effective representation of this. The Puerto Rican flag stands out brightly in the middle of Miles’ black and red classic flag. The whole idea has a very Captain America vibe to it, and feels like a fun nod to the Morales heritage.

9 Peter Parker’s Sam Raimi Symbiote Suit

Any fan of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man can already hear the trumpets of the symbiote theme in their heads right now. Fans had been desperate to see if the symbiote will affect any of the suits in the game, and it seems that way so far. After all, a 2099 symbiote suit also appeared in the State of Play trailer for a very, very brief moment.

The slick black and gray suit is really, just a grayscale version of the webbed Raimi suit. Yet, it just looks so cool, standing out within the clear blue NYC skies. The reveal of the Symbiote suit also showcased it using the Iron Spider legs, now a cold gray tone. It’ll be exciting to see the Symbiote influence Peter’s gadgets and abilities.

8 Miles Morales’ Family Business Suit

One of the biggest and most tragic impacts on Miles has been the influence of his uncle Aaron, aka The Prowler. Within Insomniac’s universe, Miles and Aaron have a complicated relationship, one that will hopefully find new layers within Spider-Man 2, as the Prowler’s logo is shown multiple times in trailers, within the map.

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The Family Business suit is almost like a modified version of the Purple Reign suit from Miles Morales’ game, (the Purple Reign color scheme is present as a suit style option), which also is in the game. The suit is slick, with the default color scheme acting as a reference to Aaron’s Iron Spider suit from the Marvel Comics. It’s a fantastic design, one that is simple and effective.

7 Miles Morales’ Shadow Spider Suit

A pre-order suit alongside Peter Parker’s Arachknight suit, the Shadow Spider suit is a dark and gritty variation of Miles. The color scheme is simple yet effective, boasting a bloody red alongside the black tactical armor. The suit is gothic, with strapped-on daggers, gauntlets, and a hooded, tattered cape that cloaks over Miles’ body.

The mask is a bit different in comparison to the comic book design for the Shadow Spider. Unlike his comic counterpart, this version of Miles has the upper half of Miles’ default mask, accompanying the cloaked face mask. Had this suit used Miles’ unmasked eyes, or at least a more jagged variation of the lenses and webbing, it would have perfected the design.

6 Peter Parker’s Arachknight Suit

Thematically and narratively linked to the fist of Khonshu, Moon Knight, the Arachknight suit stands out in terms of the design’s tactical and dramatic details. From baggy combat pants to a jagged hood, from silver gauntlets to of course, the curved cape, the suit is a fantastic and unique take on the friendly neighborhood webslinger.

Alongside the cape, the massive spider logo on Peter’s torso stands out brilliantly, with the accents on the sleeves, torso and mask brilliantly contrasting against the more Marc Spector-styled details. It’s a brilliant suit, one that feels special and distinct in terms of its narrative and design.

5 Miles Morales’ Classic Suit

Like his mentor, Miles Morales constantly strives to improve himself and his ability as Spider-Man. With that mindset comes the newly modified variation of his Classic suit, now with an overhaul in terms of textures and colors. The suit has a darker variation of black replacing the previous black and gray, as well as a darker, more saturated red tone.

The suit replaces the previous version’s more matte textures, creating a silky, shiny new attire that almost glows under light. The red patterns are a bit more pointed, and slide all the way down Miles’ sleeves and onto his knuckles. It’s a modernized take on a now iconic suit, acting as an updated and stylishly designed look for the young hero.

4 Peter Parker’s Symbiote Suit

The newest attraction in the eyes of the fans, the symbiote variation of the Advanced 2.0 suit has become the star of the unreleased game. Equipped with a brand-new artillery of symbiote-related moves and skills, the symbiote suit has revealed a new side to the calm and kind Peter Parker. The suit has consumed him, making him grow more vengeful and aggressive.

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It feels like a living being has latched onto Spider-Man, with its ooze-like texture and slickness. The spiked eyes and bright white spider logo stand out fantastically, while the suit is padded and shaped almost like armor. The slick and moving line work alongside the almost reflective and silky textures create a truly alien presence, one that every player is excited to see in action.

3 Peter Parker’s Superior Spider-Man Suit

After much eager anticipation, fans can finally play as the Superior Spider-Man, though one can assume Doctor Octopus will not be replacing Peter’s mind in this suit. The tactical, smooth, and streamlined suit has a darker color scheme, with the classic metallic gauntlets, utility belt, and squinted, reflective, vengeful eyes.

The default style is the perfect, comic accurate color scheme, having the darker tinge of crimson. The alternate styles include two great comic book references to the Superior mythos. The inverted color scheme relates to the alternate universe Norman Osborn who became the Superior Spider-Man, while the white and green attire references Otto’s reborn Superior Octopus arc.

2 Peter Parker’s Advanced Suit 2.0

The Advanced suit from Marvel’s Spider-Man was already a great suit, one that fans grew quickly attached to. However, Insomniac decided to make some changes for the sequel, creating the Advanced suit 2.0. This suit has an array of small but noticeable design alterations, which allows the suit to stand out and be even better than before.

The suit visually is much more appealing, thanks to the much more saturated and warm red hue and brighter blue hue. The linework is simpler and far more connected, especially on the sleeves. The chest’s spider logo is now a bit more streamlined, resting within the red rather than spreading onto the blue. The changes easily make the suit one of Peter’s best looks yet.

1 Peter Parker’s Amazing Fantasy Suit

The original, the classic, the absolutely iconic Amazing Fantasy suit, aka the classic suit. There would never be a Spider-Man without this design, gloriously created by the legendary Steve Ditko. There’s no way a Spider-Man game or any Marvel game has Spider-Man appear without some variation of this suit, and it’s brought to life perfectly in Spider-Man 2.

The Amazing Fantasy suit is an homage to the classic, bright-eyed, small spider logo-d version of Peter Parker. With the inclusion of suit styles, players can play using the default Spider-Man colors, the classic red and desaturated blue, a brighter and more colorful blue, and an inverted Arachnid Man style. If you’re looking for a reliable and classic design, look no further than the perfection that is this timeless outfit.

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