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Who’s working on Marvel’s Blade?

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Marvel’s Blade is in very safe hands with developer Arkane Lyon. This is the team that brought us the Dishonored series, as well as Deathloop. Expect smart stealth and wacky powers, as you make your way through a quarantined section of Paris.

Marvel‘s Blade was announced as part of the main showcase at last year’s The Game Awards. We got a rather stylish trailer, giving us our first look at the vampire hunter Eric Brooks.

From what we’ve seen of Blade so far, it looks set to offer the excellent third-person action that you’d expect from Arkane Lyon, all with a superhero twist. It’s certainly one of the most highly anticipated upcoming games we have on the calendar and one that continues Marvel’s move into the gaming space.

Here’s everything we know about Marvel’s Blade so far, including a look at some recently shared concept art. As more details emerge, you’ll find this page updated. For now, here’s all of the latest news, trailers, and info on what to expect from Marvel’s Blade.

What is it? A Blade game developed by the makers of DeathloopWhen is it coming out? TBCWhat can I play it on? TBCWho’s making it? Arkane Lyon

Marvel’s Blade game platforms speculation

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The main question on everyone’s lips right now about Marvel’s Blade is: what platforms will it be released on? No platforms have been officially confirmed yet, the launch trailer doesn’t list them, and there’s been no word from Marvel or Bethesda. Given that Arkane Lyon is now owned by Microsoft, Xbox consoles are a solid bet. Whether that includes last-get remains to be seen, but we’re confident of a PC release too, as well as quietly confident about it coming to Game Pass.

In terms of whether Marvel’s Blade will release on PlayStation consoles, things are much less likely. We’re not ruling out a multi-platform release just yet, but for now, it’s probably best to assume the game won’t launch on PlayStation. Hopefully we’re proven wrong here, and if we are, you’ll find this page updated.

Marvel’s Blade game trailer

We’ve only had one trailer for Marvel’s Blade so far, and you can check it out above. It shows the titular vampire killer getting a fresh shave, before putting on his glasses and heading out to fight the encroaching vampire hordes. More trailers will likely arrive this year, so be sure to keep one eye on the official Marvel Entertainment YouTube account for more.

Marvel’s Blade game story and setting

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Marvel’s Blade is set in a quarantined section of Paris during a supernatural emergency. Vampires have emerged, terrorizing the city, and the living that call it home. A warning has gone out urging all citizens to stay inside until sunrise. Enter Eric Brooks, half-human and half-vampire. He’s a hunter who goes by the name of Blade, and by the looks of things, he may be the only one able to brave the night and take down the growing vampire threat.

In case you didn’t know, Blade is often referred to as ‘Daywalker’, pointing to his ability to walk in the sunlight, an ability not shared by other vampires. Because of this, he’s able to track down vampires while they sleep, striking while they’re weakened and unaware. Whether Marvel’s Blade will feature both day and night gameplay or cycles remains to be seen, but from the concept images released so far, we do see Blade standing atop a rooftop as the sun sets.

What to expect from Marvel’s Blade’s gameplay

While we’ve yet to see any Marvel’s Blade gameplay, we do have some comments from developer Arkane Lyon that hint at what we can expect. There are also three concept images, which you can view above that show a flavor of what’s in store. Marvel’s Blade has been described as a ‘mature, single-player, third-person game set in the heart of Paris, now in development in collaboration with Marvel Games.’ by its publisher. This style of game tracks with Arkane Lyon’s previous games, like Deathloop and the Dishonored series, but switches the perspective up to third-person.

Marvel’s Blade will have you hunting down vampires, likely using stealth as you go. In the images released so far, Blade can be seen wielding a handgun, as well as a katana. He’s perched on rooftops, hiding in the shadows, looking down over a deserted and quarantined Paris. We’ll have to wait and see whether Blade possesses any unique powers, perhaps some that pull from the comics, as well as new abilities cooked up by Arkane Lyon. 

Marvel’s Blade latest news

Marvel’s Blade announced at The Games Awards 2023Marvel’s Blade was revealed at The Game Awards 2023, alongside a brief trailer. It didn’t reveal much, but you can check it out earlier in this article.

That’s all there is to know about Marvel’s Blade so far. For more on upcoming games, be sure to check out our list of the best new Xbox Series X games that are set to release over the next few months. Elsewhere, there are our picks for the best horror games you can play right now. Perhaps they’ll get you ready for the vampire hordes of Marvel’s Blade.

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