The “Win All Three Locations” Season Pass mission is a difficult one as it demands players dominate every lane in a match. Although the prompt appears simple, achieving this can be challenging, especially with beginner decks. This concise Marvel Snap guide offers five practical tips to enhance the likelihood of winning three locations with minimal difficulty. Even if players are facing a difficult opponent, these strategies will help improve their odds of emerging victorious at the end of a match.


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To increase the odds of winning all three locations, players must go wide on the board, play buff cards, and counter the enemy’s strategy. For that, it’s crucial to have low-Cost drops in the deck that are supported by buff characters. Here are five foolproof tips for triple wins in Marvel Snap:

Go Wide, Not Tall

Have at least one card in each location. Going wide means distributing win conditions or buff-friendly cards across the board instead of cramming them in one lane or two. A Ka-Zoo deck with multiple 1-Cost drops is an excellent choice. Using this lineup, players can maximize their reach, retaining one stronghold per lane.

Distribute Board-wide Buffs

Use Spectrum, Patriot, and Blue Marvel. These strategic cards have the ability to buff all (or most) cards on the board, preparing it for a triple-dominance win. There are three types of buff cards in Marvel Snap: Those that buff themselves, those that buff enemies, and those that buff friendly cards. The last group (friendly boosters) are the ones that help win all locations.

Keep the Cost Low

Low-Cost cards increase the reach. Have them in the deck to fill the board early. Go for cards like Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Deadpool, and Human Torch. These characters start off as low-Power options but get massive buffs later in the game.

Disrupt, Destroy, or Clog

Capitalize on interruption archetypes. For instance, destroy decks eliminate enemy win conditions, and weaken their board. Also, consider clogging their lanes with cards such as Rocks to fill empty slots and limit their options.

Move Cards or Bounce Them Back

Confuse the opponent before settling win conditions. Cards like Nightcrawler have the ability to fly between the lanes. Use them strategically to shift Power and adjust the balance. If possible, bounce powerful cards and rearrange their position to guarantee winning all locations.

 Marvel Snap players who take these five actions will always win all three locations regardless of their Collection Level.  Read More