Marvel Snap
offers a wide variety of cards with different powers and abilities, allowing players to strategize and connect with each other.
4-Cost cards are important in
Marvel Snap
and can fulfill specific strategies within a deck, making them potent assets in the game.
Certain 4-Cost cards like Darkhawk, High Evolutionary, and Shuri have unique abilities that can significantly impact gameplay, providing players with powerful advantages.

Marvel Snap brings forth a wide variety of different cards that offer various powers and abilities for players to connect with one another while targeting victory. These cards withhold different Energy costs, which typically range between 1-6 Energy.

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4-Cost cards, being some of the most overlooked characters in Marvel Snap, are of underlying importance within a match, especially within decks that count on specific 4-Cost cards to fulfill a destined strategy. The best 4-Cost cards in Marvel Snap are among the most potent assets in the virtual card game, bringing forth abilities and synergies that prove themselves over and over again.

10 Darkhawk

Not only is Darkhawk one of the best cards alone that fans should always keep in their decks but Darkhawk is easily one of the greatest 4-Cost cards in the entire collection. Darkhawk, being a 4-Cost card with 0 Power, is seemingly a weak link at first.

But, Darkhawk has the Ongoing ability that states that he gets +2 Power for each card in the opponent’s deck. With the right combinations, Darkhawk can become the main feature of a deck, providing well over 10 Power each match.

9 High Evolutionary

High Evolutionary is one of the most unique characters out of all 4-Cost cards thanks to his fascinating ability that is neither Ongoing nor On Reveal. High Evolutionary, who is capable of providing an equal 4 Power, has the ability to “unlock the potential” of cards that don’t have card descriptions.

These cards, like Hulk and Wasp, benefit greatly from High Evolutionary. With a deck full of ‘description-less’ cards, High Evolutionary becomes the most significant factor concerning cards in Marvel Snap.

8 Miles Morales

Miles Morales, whose card debuted in the very first Marvel Snap Season Pass after its official mobile release (Symbiote Invasion October 2022), is one of the best movement-based characters in the entire game. While already a great neutral card with 5 Power while costing 4 Energy, this Spider-Man has the ability to only cost 1 Energy.

For players to benefit entirely from Miles’ card, they need to move at least one other card before playing, and that is because Miles Morales costs 1 Energy if a card was moved last turn. This is a great way to stack Power onto a location while making use of a movement-themed deck.

7 Shuri

Pool Three cards are among some of the most devastating, and that statement alone stays true with Shuri. Shuri may only have 2 Power, she grants gamers access to a forceful On Reveal ability that will easily tilt victory in the player’s favor. Shuri’s On Reveal ability doubles the next card’s Power, so long as it is played at her location.

Seeing as Shuri is a 4-Cost card, players will generally use higher-Powered cards during their next turn. With this in hand, Shuri can be a deck’s most important factor in bringing a card up to 10-20 Power, which can be more than enough to take a location.

6 Shang-Chi

Since the beginning of Marvel Snap’s official release, Shang-Chi has been a staple of any sort of generalized deck. That’s because, despite the martial arts warrior only providing 3 Power, Shang-Chi has the On Reveal ability to destroy all enemy cards at his location that have 9 or more Power.

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This destructive ability makes Shang-Chi one of the most feared faces in Marvel Snap, as he can easily render an opponent’s strategy useless by destroying their best card. While cards like Venom, Infinaut, and Hulk may be assertive in Power, Shang-Chi quickly disregards them.

5 Phoenix Force

Out of all movement cards in Marvel Snap, Phoenix Force is one of the best. Phoenix Force, which was first introduced to fans in the Rise of the Phoenix Season Pass, has 5 Power and one of the most outstanding abilities in the entirety of the card game.

Phoenix Force has the On Reveal ability that not only revives one of the player’s destroyed cards but also merges with said card and then allows that card to move each turn. With synergistic cards like Human Torch, Phoenix Force ensures players win with boasting Power.

4 Wong

One thing that players may notice throughout On Reveal decks is that Wong is consistent throughout a grand multitude of them. That is because Wong has the Ongoing ability that states that friendly On Reveal cards’ abilities happen twice.

Instantly, throughout a large multitude of various combinations, Wong is an S-tier hit, as cards like Odin, Silver Surfer, Iron Heart, and Onslaught all work incredibly together when paired with the sorcerer. With such a magnificent emphasis on On Reveal synergy, Wong is one of the best 4-Cost cards that gamers can use.

3 Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is a card that generally works throughout any sort of deck, aside from destruction and discard-themed combos. As such, the all-rounder card is one of the best Pool Three cards that fans can get their hands on.

Captain Marvel not only has 5 Power to provide onto a location but also has the unique ability to move to a location at the end of the game if it will win players the game. This special ability makes Captain Marvel the best ‘clutch’ sort of card in Marvel Snap and also pairs nicely with movement cards like Kraven.

2 Spider-Man 2099

When it comes to movement cards, destruction is naturally an ‘element’ in Marvel Snap that such cards would like to avoid. When it comes to Spider-Man 2099, though, nothing could be further from the truth.

As seen in Across the Spider-Verse, Spider-Man 2099 has a distinctive bloodlust as his card, which has 6 Power, destroys an enemy card when he moves to a location. Although this ability can only happen once, as stated by his card description, Spider-Man 2099 has become one of the scariest cards to face when playing against a movement deck.

1 Iron Lad

With so many characters themed off of the original Iron Man, Marvel Snap does an excellent job of making sure each Iron Man-esque character provides distinctive abilities that don’t commonly correspond with each other. Iron Lad is one such character, yet has a power that far exceeds many of the other cards in Marvel Snap.

With an already impressive amount of 6 Power, Iron Lad is more than capable of supporting a location to fall into the player’s hands. But, it’s Iron Lad’s On Reveal ability, which allows him to copy the text of the player’s top card on their deck, that makes him such an exceptional attribute in any sort of ‘collegial’ deck.

Marvel Snapis available on PC and mobile devices.

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