Save gold to purchase rare and premium content in
Marvel Snap
, as it is the only way to obtain these collectibles.
Upgrade cards to higher rarities in order to unlock more rewards, such as new cards, rare card variants, or collector tokens.
Use collector tokens to obtain new cards without relying on random rewards and save them for that special card, as they are not abundant.

Marvel Snap exploded onto the mobile gaming scene with an elegantly crafted card game featuring some of the most famous characters in the vast Marvel universe. Players can build decks containing cars featuring their favorite heroes and villains of Marvel Comics with various special effects and go head-to-head with other players in a turn-based competition, similar to Hearthstone.

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Marvel Snap reached unexpected renown, breaking records on its initial release with thousands of consistent players build-crafting and collecting their favorite cards and variants. Recently, Marvel Snap announced that it would launch on PC via Steam, bringing a lot of content and special rewards for new and returning players. While the critical factor in Marvel Snap is to have as much fun as possible, there are a few things new players will want to know before they dive straight into the world of Marvel Snap.

8 Save Your Gold

Gold is one of the most important currencies in Marvel Snap, as it can be used to purchase rare and premium content in the game. Whether it be special animated card variants or rare hard-to-obtain cards, Gold is usually the only way to obtain these collectibles.

However, Gold is a currency that must be bought with real-world money or unlocked through completing challenges in the game. As Gold becomes rewarded, players will want to save as much as possible for those must-have collectibles that don’t come around often.

7 Don’t Be Afraid To Upgrade Your Cards

One of the most fulfilling grinds in Marvel Snap is to upgrade cards to the stacking rarities available in the game. All cards initially obtained start at common rarity and can be upgraded to higher rarities the more they are played. These upgrades cost in-game resources that players obtain by dueling other players.

In addition, upgrading cards award special points that increase the player’s collector level; this unlocks more rewards, such as new cards, rare card variants, or collector tokens as the player grows in level.

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6 Use Collectors Tokens For Must Haves

Collectors Tokens are another currency that players will begin to collect the more they play the game and upgrade their cards. Collectors Tokens are a way for players to obtain new cards they want without having to rely on random rewards from gaining levels. Collectors Tokens can be obtained by climbing the Collectors Level by upgrading the rarity of cards. This creates an incentive to play all types of cards and experiment.

Collectors Tokens can buy spotlight cards that appear in the shop, but players should hold onto their tokens for that special card as Collector Tokens do not appear in abundance.

5 Don’t Take Deck Building Too Seriously

Decks in Marvel Snap don’t work like most deck-building games, especially in the mobile market. There aren’t too many strategies that are not viable, but there are some that do better than others.

However, it is incredibly easy to build a deck around almost every card in the game, even cards without any special abilities. Players should not tie themselves down to just one singular card type and take advantage of the vast library Marvel Snap provides and the locations that become available in the game.

4 Read Locations Carefully

One of the features that make the gameplay unique in Marvel Snap is the location system. When two players sit down at a table, there will be three locations that will have varying effects. Each effect will be revealed the following turn and may cause the player an advantage or disadvantage. It’s essential for players to take their time and read each location carefully before they make a play, and possibly even try to use each location to their advantage if possible.

3 Read Cards Carefully

There are hundreds of cards to collect in Marvel Snap, and each card may come with a special ability that provides a specific change to the way the game is played.

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Players should fully immerse themselves in each card’s effect to avoid misplays that could turn a sure-win duel into a crumbling defeat. Specifically, the Storm card changes the effect of the location she’s played in; this could prove poorly if the location was a key factor in a future play.

2 Don’t Rush Through The Game

Marvel Snap provides an ease of play that not many mobile games provide. Within the first five minutes of opening the game, the player can dive right into playing against other players with the beginning cards they receive in the game.

Many times players won’t delve into the mechanics or experiment with different types of cards; players should take full advantage of everything Marvel Snap has to offer and slowly find their favorite way to lay instead of just using what works.

1 Don’t Forget To Snap!

How to get max value from the Snap system in Marvel Snap.

A feature that is often overlooked by new players is the Snap! feature. Snapping during a duel increases the stakes and doubles the amount of rewards earned by the winner at the end of the duel. When a player thinks they have the game in the bag, they can snap on the opponent and increase the stakes and amount of pressure in the final move. Both players can snap once per game and put their cubes on the line to get nearly quadruple the rewards by the final turn.

Marvel Snap is available on Mobile Devices and PC via Steam

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