Marvel Snap
introduces different Pools or Series that offer newer and stronger cards as players progress through their Collection Level.
Series 5, also known as Pool 5, contains some of the best cards in the game and can be accessed by reaching a Collection Level of at least 486.
Key cards in Pool 5 include Phoenix Force, X-23, Thanos, Lady Deathstrike, The Living Tribunal, Galactus, High Evolutionary, Iron Lad, Jeff the Baby Land Shark, and Jean Grey.

Marvel Snap has plenty of cards for gamers to collect as they progress through their Collection Level, which is easily done by upgrading cards. Throughout the Collection Level system, players will encounter different Pools or Series, which allows caches to withhold different and newer cards. Series 5, also called Pool 5, has some of the best cards in the entire game, as they were added into Marvel Snap well after its initial release.

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These cards are some of the most difficult to obtain though, as players will need to reach a Collection Level of at least 486. From here, fans can access Pool 3-Pool 5 cards, all of which are generally useful in Marvel Snap’s meta.

10 Phoenix Force

As the featured card in the Rise of the Phoenix Season Pass July 2023, Phoenix Force is one of the most uniquely devastating cards in Marvel Snap. After wandering about for players to obtain the Season Pass, Phoenix Force joined the Pool 5 club so that those who didn’t purchase the Premium pass could come across the card by chance.

Phoenix Force is a 4-Cost card with 5 Power, and its card description makes it one of the best 4-Cost cards in the game. Phoenix Force’s On Reveal ability allows it to revive a destroyed friendly card, merge with it, and then also allow the said card to move each turn. Phoenix Force has excellent synergy with cards like Human Torch and Multiple Man.,

9 X-23

X-23 is one of the last cards to make its way into Pool 5 after the reveal of the August 2023 Season Pass (Big In Japan). X-23 is a 1-Cost card with 2 Power, and brings a magnificent ability for players using discard and destroy-themed decks to utilize perfectly.

That’s because X-23 has the unique ability to regenerate to a random location after being discarded or destroyed, and then also gives the player +1 Energy during the next turn. This ability, along with the countless combinations that the card withholds, makes X-23 one of the best 1-Cost cards in Marvel Snap.

8 Thanos

6-Cost cards are among the most important when it comes to Marvel Snap, as the matches within the card game generally last six turns. That said, fans will ensure their deck is powerful enough to obtain victory with the best 6-Cost cards in the game, and Thanos falls under that list.

Thanos has 10 Power alone, yet also has the card description that states that at the start of the game, the Infinity Stones are shuffled into the player’s deck. Each stone has an ability, as well as only costing 1 Energy. With all the stones played, Thanos gains another 10 Power. This brings Thanos’ Power up to 20, making him one of the strongest characters in the game.

7 Lady Deathstrike

Destruction cards are some of the most popular characters in the game, and for good reason. Lady Deathstrike, being one of the later destroy-themed cards to enter Marvel Snap, became an instant hit with her fierce On Reveal ability.

Lady Deathstrike, who costs 5 Energy and has 3 Power, has the On Reveal ability to destroy all cards at her location that have less Power than her. This can be used in a wide variety of ways that ensure the destruction of foreseen cards is beneficial to winning the game.

6 The Living Tribunal

The Living Tribunal is an extremely niche card in Marvel Snap, providing a special ability that makes it difficult to build proficient decks with. But, when used correctly, The Living Tribunal’s ‘split’ ability makes the card incredibly difficult to counter.

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Costing players 6 Energy, The Living Tribunal also wields 9 Power of his own and has the Ongoing ability to split all the player’s combined Power evenly between each location. This Series 5 card paves its own way to be considered one of the greatest, as with cards like Iron Man and Omega Red, The Living Tribunal can easily achieve all the locations.

5 Galactus

Though infamous for causing seething rage in opponents, Galactus is one of the finest cards in Marvel Snap. Galactus is a 6-Cost card with 7 Power, and although he isn’t the toughest, concerning Power, his ability ultimately brings an opponent to their knees.

Galactus has the On Reveal ability that says if the player is winning the location Galactus is played upon, the other locations are destroyed along with every card upon them. Ultimately, this means that the sole location where players are already winning is the last one standing, leaving them a simple victory.

4 High Evolutionary

High Evolutionary is regarded as one of the best Series 5 cards due to its ability to unlock the potential of cards that are left without a true description (no ability). These cards, like Hulk, Wasp, and Misty Knight, gain access to abilities that are all incredibly useful in Marvel Snap.

Players don’t even need to play High Evolutionary to use this ability, as his card states that all of these ability-less characters gain abilities at the start of the game. High Evolutionary also has an equal 4 Power and 4-Cost to throw onto a location. With a good amount of synergistic cards residing through Marvel Snap’s collection, High Evolutionary is one of the best choices to feature a deck around.

3 Iron Lad

With so many cards that players can collect in Marvel Snap, there aren’t any two that withhold the same exact ability, making each card more independently intriguing. But, for players who want to be able to use a specific ability more than once, Iron Lad is the best choice for a spot in their deck.

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Iron Lad is a 4-Cost card that has the On Reveal ability to copy the description of the character sitting at the top of the player’s deck. With a deck strategically built around Iron Lad, luck and chance are thrown out of the window as Iron Lad can only benefit from a skillfully chosen group of cards, making him one of the most outstanding assets to have. Iron Lad also has 6 Power to add to a location.

2 Jeff The Baby Land Shark

Jeff the Baby Land Shark has become one of the most famous Series 5 cards in Marvel Snap and has climbed the ranks of the virtual card game’s competitive meta. Jeff is not only in the top 50 cards in Marvel Snap’s meta but also has one of the most useful abilities in the entire game.

While costing only 2 Energy, Jeff provides 3 Power and has the unique ability to move once, and nothing can stop Jeff from moving to his desired location. This means that cards like Professor X or locations like Sanctum Sanctorum are unable to prevent Jeff from making his move.

1 Jean Grey

Joining the Phoenix Force’s side as they were introduced together in the Rise of the Phoenix Season Pass, Jean Grey has made way to grant players access to a strategic ability capable of completely disarming an opponent of their plans. Jean Grey is a 3-Cost card (and one of the best) with 3 Power.

With a decent amount of Power, Jean Grey also has the Ongoing ability that states that each player has to play their first character at her location each turn (so long as it is possible). Jean Grey has eminent synergy with low-Cost characters and plenty of The Guardians of the Galaxy cards like Gamora.

Marvel Snapis available on PC and mobile devices.

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