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This morning on a livestream, Hasbro‘s Marvel Legends team revealed yet another anniversary program, the 85th anniversary Marvel Comics line. A special series of ten items — regular figures, oversized, deluxe, and two-packs — will mark the occasion, with the first half revealed right now. These will not include build-a-figure parts, but most include alternate head, hands, accessories, and power effects where relevant.

Perhaps most likely to be in demand is the Dany Ketch Ghost Rider with cycle. The motorcycle includes flame effect pieces that can stand the vehicle on either one wheel or two, with a moving foot peg to keep Danny attached. Ghost Rider himself includes his flaming chain.

Power Man and Iron Fist come as a team, with power punching effects for Danny. Luke Cage looks to be a reuse of the Netflix sculpt with comic-styled head. Carol Danvers takes to the skies as Avengers member Warbird with that sash costume.

Skaar, son of Hulk, bring the oversized power to bear as depicted in the Son of Hulk comics. And what would any Marvel toy line be without Wolverine and Spider-Man? In this case, the Spidey is the Otto Octavius Superior version with removable mechanical-arms backpack. Wolverine dons his Astonishing X-Men suit, with masked and unmasked heads, as well as clawed and unclawed hands.

Spider-Man, and Wolverine will go up for preorder tomorrow, April 16th, at 1 p.m. ET at Hasbro Pulse, Amazon, and most other major retailers. Luke Cage and Iron Fist follow on April 23rd, and Ghost Rider April 30th. Warbird will be a Target exclusive available at a later date, while Skaar will be exclusive to fan-channel stores later on.

For now, take a look through the official images from Hasbro to decide which ones you’ll be picking out.


”}]] Hasbro’s Marvel Legends team revealed yet another anniversary program this year: the 85th anniversary Marvel Comics line.  Read More