Assemble your action figures!

Marvel Comics is celebrating its 85th anniversary this year, and merch makers don’t plan to miss it. Hasbro celebrated the occasion with a full Marvel Legends Series Fanstream, revealing upcoming figures honoring the anniversary. Whether you’re a Spider-Man superfan or a Ghost Rider groupie, there’s a fresh figure coming to your collection!

The Skaar, Son of Hulk figure gives fans the chance to add this character to their collection for the first time. The figure is 8 inches tall and comes with five comic-inspired accessories. The Marvel’s Warbird figure is a 6-inch scale figure of Carol Danvers under her codename Warbird. It also comes with five accessories, including alternate hands, heads, and more. Wolverine is also clawing his way in, with a 6-inch scale figure and six accessories. It will be available for preorder on Hasbro Pulse and other retailers tomorrow, April 16.

If you like your Spider-Man with a touch of villainy, the Superior Spider-Man figure is the one for you! It comes with 11 accessories and will be available for preorder tomorrow. For a dynamic duo, the Iron Fist and Luke Cage 6-inch scale figures come with 12 accessories. The figure set will be available for preorder April 23. Finally, Danny Ketch as Ghost Rider is racing to your collection. The 6-inch scale figure comes with a Hell Cycle vehicle and nine accessories. It will be available for preorder April 30.

The new figures will launch this Summer, with preorders at Hasbro Pulse and additional retailers opening this month. The figures were revealed in the Marvel Legends Fanstream. Watch the full stream below:

Hasbro revealed its new Marvel Legends figures in a fanstream. | Source: Hasbro”}]] New figures are on the way, each inspired by Marvel Comics!  Read More