Marvel Studios appears to be committed to recreating the original comic book versions of the X-Men characters. The inclusion of mutants in the MCU is hotly anticipated, and Marvel is taking steps to ensure a successful introduction. Marvel seems willing to incorporate elements from the previous Fox X-Men movies while also making changes to fit the MCU.

The X-Men have barely entered the MCUat this point, but it already seems like Marvel is committed to getting them right. One of the biggest indications of this so far is the appearance of the X-men characters that have been revealed. It’s clear from the design of these characters that Marvel is trying to recreate the original comic book versions. This is a far cry from the original Fox X-Men movies, which seemed very reluctant to make anything too colorful.

Right now, Beast is the only one of the X-Men to officially appear in the MCU, making a brief appearance at the end of The Marvels. More X-Men will be following in his footsteps when Deadpool 3 releases later this year, the first of the series released by Marvel Studios. The inclusion of mutants in the MCU is hotly anticipated, so Marvel is likely taking as many steps as possible to make sure their introduction goes over well. If what’s been revealed so far is any indication, they are doing a good job.


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Andy Park, a concept artist who worked on The Marvels, said he intentionally included comic book elements in Beast’s design. This translated very well into the final version that was shown in the film, and definitely set the MCU version of Beast apart from Kesley Grammer’s original version. Though it may seem like a small touch, Beast’s fangs go a long way toward making him look more like his comic-book self.

Although the way a character looks might seem like a superficial way to determine if they will be adapted well, something like Beast’s fangs shows Marvel’s willingness to embrace some of the goofier design elements of the comics. This means they hopefully won’t be shying away from faithfully adapting the characters, which can capture what made them popular with readers in the first place. Grammer has also said he is confident he’ll be returning as Beast, so it will be interesting to see what direction the character takes in the MCU.

While Beast’s design seems to be moving away from the original look of the Fox movies, Marvel doesn’t seem to be throwing out everything from the old universe. The X-Men door shown in The Marvels‘ looks reminiscent of the door to Cerebro from the earlier movies. It’s nice to see that Marvel is willing to keep some of the design elements from the older movies that did work while also being willing to change how certain characters look to make them more in line with the MCU.

It might just be a door, but it may also be a hint at Marvel’s philosophy when it comes to how to integrate the X-Men into the MCU. It seems they might be willing to include the good elements of the Fox X-Men movies. It’s already been announced that this door isn’t the only thing from the old universe crossing over into the MCU, since Deadpool will also be making his MCU debut in Deadpool 3. The latest Deadpool movie also seems to be on board with the redesign of the characters from what has been shown so far.

Deadpool 3 Is Finally Giving Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine A Yellow Suit

Beast might be the first X-Men character to actually appear in a movie, but set photos from Deadpool 3 have shown that Wolverine will also be getting a comic-accurate look for the first time. The Fox X-Men movies not only refused to put Logan in his iconic yellow suit, they openly mocked it in the first film. Now, Hugh Jackman is finally getting to don the yellow suit for what is likely his final outing as Wolverine. Deadpool also looks slightly different in his brighter red suit with his logo on the belt, fitting the redesign trend.

With luck, Marvel’s commitment to adapting these characters faithfully goes beyond just their looks. These designs are good first steps and paint an optimistic picture of what is to come, but Marvel also needs to follow through on these characters’ personalities and relationships to make sure they are done properly. Though the great designs of the X-Men are certainly part of their appeal, what has given these characters staying power is their stories. The MCUwill hopefully do as good of a job with those as it has with the X-Men characters’ appearances.

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