Channing Tatum was about to portray the popular X-Men character, Gambit, but no success. The standalone movie has been hanging around for ages, but it got the axed before they even started filming. Tatum, who was all set to be Cajun X-Man, was totally bummed when the project he’d been waiting on forever never took off.


Channing Tatum was about to play Gambit

But Tatum didn’t let the Gambit heartbreak keep him down. The Magic Mike star went online and confirmed that he is bringing his childhood love, The Maxx, to the big screen. After he made the confirmation, Jason Momoa cheered him with his wholesome comment. 

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Channing Tatum is Set to Play a Non-Marvel Character, Gets Cheers from Jason Momoa 

MTV’s The Maxx

Channing Tatum couldn’t hold back and got serious feelings for The Maxx. In an Instagram post Instagram post, he went all nostalgic about his childhood when The Maxx (part of MTV’s Oddities) used to be his forbidden fruit. He wrote:

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“Oh my god I’m so excited for this i can’t even explain. The Maxx!!!! This is a child hood love of mine. The truly brilliant genius creation of Sam Keith. When i was grounded and wasn’t aloud to watch tv this was the cartoon on mtvs oddities i would risk it all for. Sneak out of bed and put it on and pray i didn’t get caught. Even now after all this time it feels some how still ahead of its time. The characters in the this… the Maxx, Julie Winters, and Mr. gone taught me things about life life. Seeded complex ideas in my young mind that had a profound effect on how i viewed the world and the roles we play. That i only intellectually understood way later. I can’t wait to bring this to life and try and bring it to generations that miss it.”

Not just the Alabama native but Jason Momoa was also first in the line, bursting with excitement, and leaving a comment, “Wow memory lane Congratulations [red hearts].” 

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Jason Momoa in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Momoa wasn’t the only one reminiscing about the original MTV animated series; multiple celebrity fans couldn’t help but be happy to see the upcoming comic adaptation.

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Other Celebs Also Went Nostalgic for MTV’s The Maxx

Aaron Paul and Brandy Ledford

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul decided to chime in, saying, “Now way!!! My god. I am having so many memories flooding back to me right now. So stoked for this. Bravo my friend.”

More celebrities posted about their affection for the original series in Tatum’s comment section. Actress Brandy Ledford joined in, keeping it simple but sweet, saying, “MEMORIES.”

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There is no official release date for The Maxx, but it is finally moving forward under the banner of Paramount.

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 Channing Tatum gets nostalgic about The Maxx on Instagram. Jason Momoa cheers with a wholesome comment after the confirmation.  Read More