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How old is Marvel’s Deadpool? The answer won’t surprise you because you already know Deadpool can’t be trusted to give a straight answer. 

Deadpool is one of Marvel’s most popular characters, but so much about him remains a mystery. It seems like for every detail fans learn, another one is obscured. 

A lot of this has to do with Deadpool’s very nature. He’s an incredibly sarcastic, zany character who takes nothing seriously. Everything is a joke, which means he’s always trying to get the last laugh. 

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This means he’s spent a lot of his publication history lying about his past. It makes it incredibly difficult to pin down certain details, not the least of which is his age. 

Deadpool’s age in the comics has never really been revealed. We don’t actually know when Wade Wilson was born, largely because Wade himself isn’t sure. 

Deadpool originally debuted with something akin to a multiple-choice backstory. For years, he believed he wasn’t even the real Wade Wilson, though that was eventually disproved. He also believed his parents were dead, but that was a false memory. 

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Marvel ComicsEven at the end of time, Deadpool doesn’t appear to have visibly aged.

This is compounded even further by his healing factor. While it’s generally assumed that he joined Weapon X sometime in the ‘70s, we don’t know how old he was when he joined or when he was born. His healing factor slows down his aging, much like Wolverine’s, so any guess based on length is moot. 

While we don’t know his exact age, we do know he could live to be at least 800 years old. This is thanks to one interaction with the Deadpool of another world

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Ryan Reynolds himself is 46, so we may be able to assume Deadpool’s age is close to that in the films. However, the timeline is a little hard to parse. 

Marvel StudiosWhere Deadpool fits in on the Fox X-Men movie timeline is not an easy puzzle to solve.

The biggest wrinkle is in trying to determine if the Deadpool films feature the same Wade Wilson from X-Men Origins. While this does seem unlikely, his healing factor means it could conceivably be the same character but with slowed aging. 

Much like his comic counterpart, we just don’t know enough about him to determine his exact age. Not to mention, Deadpool himself is the most unreliable narrator you could have. Being somewhere in his 40s is a fairly safe bet, but he could be younger – or significantly older. 

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 No one is really sure how old Marvel’s Deadpool is, largely thanks to his own unreliability and uncertainty when it comes to his past.  Read More