The first Marvel comic book, Marvel Comics No. 1, was sold for a record-breaking IDR 34.4 billion (approximately USD 2.4 million).

Items that are considered old have their value for collectors. Not infrequently, they are willing to spend a fantastic amount of money to get these items. One of them is a rare superhero comic  like this copy of the first Marvel comic book.

Sold Rp 34.4 M

The first Marvel comic, ‘Marvel Comics #1’, sold for over $2.4 million in an online auction on March 17. The copy was described as a ” pay copy,” and included a handwritten note from the publisher detailing payment for the work of the writers and artists involved.

The condition of this 80+ year-old copy is arguably still excellent. This is because the copy was stored well in a cabinet owned by Lloyd Jacquet, owner of Funnies Inc. which sells comic books and artwork to publishers. 

On the cover and several pages, Jacquet wrote how much he owed the artists, including Frank R. Paul, who was paid $25 to illustrate the cover. If this copy had been sold in 1939, it would probably have fetched only 10 cents ($2.20 today).

In addition to payment records, for collectors,  comics containing the first appearance of superheroes are very valuable. Because of their uniqueness, the value of these comics is getting higher.

Contents of ‘Marvel Comics #1

‘Marvel  Comics #1’ played a major role in the development of many of the characters we know today. The early characters may not be as well-known as Thor or Captain America, but without them, there probably wouldn’t be a Marvel Universe.

Published in 1939, this 68-page  comic briefly told the story of Namor the Sub-Mariner, a mutant who lived under the sea and the original Human Torch whose body could burn (who was later reintroduced as part of the Fantastic Four in 1961).

Not Yet Breaking the Record

If you think ‘Marvel  Comics #1’ is the most expensive, you’re wrong. Quoting the New York Times, there are still other comics with prices that are no less astonishing. Last year, a copy of ‘Amazing Fantasy No. 15’ published in 1962 containing the first appearance of Spider-Man sold for $ 3.6 million (Rp 51.7 billion). In January, a copy of ‘Action  Comic No. 1’ from 1938 featuring the debut of Superman also sold for $ 3.18 million (Rp 45.6 billion). This landmark comic, originally published in 1939, is celebrated for introducing iconic characters like the Human Torch, the Angel, and Namor the Sub-Mariner. Its sale marks a significant moment in the comic book collecting world, reflecting the cultural and historical value attributed to early superhero narratives. The high auction price underscores the enduring popularity and investment potential of vintage comics among collectors and enthusiasts.

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“}]] The first Marvel comic book, Marvel Comics No. 1, was sold for a record-breaking IDR 34.4 billion (approximately USD 2.4 million).  Read More