Creative talents @wens.1998 and Taïr Hamou (@paper.moon.cosplay), showcase their comic-accurate and professional costumes in new King and Queen in Black cosplay.
Spider-Man wears his infamous black suit and Black Cat gets Venomized in this image, showing just how scary these characters can be.
This dark and evil makeover is inspired by 2020’s King in Black storyline and 2008’s Spider-Man: Web of Shadows video game.

Marvel’s King in Black is the terrifying dark god of the Klyntar race, with Spider-Man and Black Cat having fought on the front lines the last time the villain tried to reshape the world in his image. But now, in a new “What If?” cosplay image, Spider-Man succumbs to the insidious influence of his alien symbiote, officially crowning himself the new King in Black and taking a Venomized Black Cat as his queen.

Shared on Instagram by @wens.1998, the Spider-Man cosplayer and editor of the image, and Taïr Hamou (@paper.moon.cosplay), the Black Cat featured in the piece, these two incredible talents have chosen the perfect comic pair to cosplay as, making them even more iconic after giving them a dark and evil makeover.

Consistently creating inventive Spider-Man costumes, @wens.1998 also contributes to the community by photographing and editing fellow cosplayers’ designs, helping each new outfit shine. Meanwhile, Taïr has dressed as Jean Grey, Jubilee, Black Widow, and more, and always impresses at a professional and comic-accurate level.


Spider-Man Cosplay Takes New Black Suit from Sketch to Reality

Spider-Man’s symbiote suit is an iconic part of his comic history, with a sketch from decades ago resulting in a new cosplay design fans need to see.

A New King in Black Arrives in Twisted Spider-Man and Black Cat Cosplay

Cosplay Designs by @wens.1998 and Taïr Hamou (@paper.moon.cosplay)

Threatening the world with death and darkness in 2020’s King in Black event, that story’s villain, Knull, was eventually tossed into the sun and replaced by Eddie Brock’s Venom, resulting in the expansion of not only Venom’s powers and abilities as king but the entirety of symbiote lore as well. Famously having his own struggles with a symbiote when he received his black suit, Spider-Man has skirted the Klyntar species’ dark influence for decades, with Black Cat having more than a few brushes with symbiotes on her own, making this cosplay image a disturbing treat for fans to see.

Depicting @wens.1998’s black suit Spider-Man and Taïr’s Venomized Black Cat perched on a rooftop looking down at the people below, it’s the swirling sky and darkened cityscape in the background, and the subtle glow splashed onto @wens.1998’s and Taïr’s costumes that make this image pop, upping its production value and eliciting an ominous tone that fits these twisted characters well. Also including a screenshot from 2008’s Spider-Man: Web of Shadows game, and it’s clear @wens.1998’s inspiration for these new versions of the King and Queen in Black came from all the right places.

Spider-Man and Black Cat Get Venomized in New Marvel Cosplay Image

Marvel’s current King in Black, Eddie Brock, will return to the fold in August’s Venom War event — Eddie is currently traveling through time and space on a personal journey of his own — so that leaves the door wide open for Spider-Man and maybe even Black Cat to get involved in a Game of Thrones-like battle for the crown once it begins. Regardless of how that event turns out, it’s good to see cosplayers like @wens.1998 and Taïr Hamou (@paper.moon.cosplay) taking Spider-Man and Black Cat in a unique new direction, something fans of both characters can appreciate entirely.

Source: @wens.1998 and @paper.moon.cosplay

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