It was February 6, 2019 when writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Marco Checchetto took over on Daredevil. This creative team would get quite a story handed off to them after Charles Soule “killed” Daredevil at the end of his run. Years have passed, and time has moved on; Zdarsky and Checchetto will now be prepping their own book for handoff to Saladin Ahmed and Aaron Kuder. How will this creative team end their story?

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I’ll try not to spoil it for you, but this will be hard. The creative team crafted an issue that was a beautiful goodbye that revisits characters, gives hope for a better tomorrow in Hell’s Kitchen, and leaves you wondering about the devil inside. I was very impressed with how this volume ended, and it has been a very impressive ride month to month. The issue’s opener is the tribute to “Jazzy” John Romita Sr. and a varied collection of his works. I think this is the best tribute that Marvel has done for their legends, and will be great for new fans to learn about this creator’s history and contributions.

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The end of the issue also has some parting words from Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto. Their words showcase just how much this character and world mean to them, and I appreciate that fans were part of this adventure. Editor Devin Lewis gives a great write-up reminding us of the other talented folks who graced this series, and Devin professes his fandom of Daredevil. Daredevil fans have been fortunate to have talented individuals work on this series, but this round was one for the books.

Something that will help you with this ending is an excellent reminder from Zdarsky that his story is called “To Heaven Through Hell.” Zdarsky’s reminder that this is a novel helps distinguish it from other runs, as it feels complete.

Marvel Comics

While this is a somber issue, Marco Checchetto and Matt Wilson get to share the issue’s pages one last time, and it is a treat. The emotions radiate from the characters, and you can feel the impact they have from their time with Matt Murdock. Foggy Nelson and Cole North have beautiful moments, and you can tell they miss their friend, but they also find strength from how their friend carried on. We get a revisit with some signature moments from the start of this series, and it was great to see Mindy Libris and Reed Richards again; fantastic closure to their time with Matt, and a reminder that life goes on. Moments with Elektra were great as we get some final action scenes for the art department to give, and then we see how much Hell’s Kitchen and the Daredevil mask have grown on her.

What is fun about this ending is that there is also a beginning. You could stop at the page with Elektra going to “work” and know that the supporting cast of Daredevil will continue to stand up for the city people. That could serve to complete the “To Heaven Through Hell” graphic novel, which sticks the landing perfectly. Or you can continue with the following pages and see what Saladin Ahmed and Aaron Kuder have to deal with featuring a devil inside a good man.

Overall, I am delighted with this series. I feel great about having the comic issues, trade paperbacks, and hardcovers in my collection. Thank you to this creative team for giving us some fantastic issues that will continue to receive high praise.

Daredevil #14 is a beautiful ending to a historical run that stands on its own but also intrigues you enough to see what the next team will have to face. Zdarsky, Checchetto, and Wilson deliver an excellent epilogue that will give you hope for the supporting cast of Daredevil.

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