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Bruce Campbell has confirmed that his characters from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness are the same person, even if he’s not actually sure who said guy is…

In a new interview with ComicBook.com, the actor – who rose to fame in Raimi’s The Evil Dead back in 1981 – was asked whether there was any truth to the theory that Campbell’s characters could be a version of Mysterio, the illusionist villain played by Jake Gyllenhaal in Spider-Man: Far From Home. (Rumor has it, Raimi had intended to have Campbell play the comic book baddie in Spider-Man 4 back in the 2000s, before the franchise was scrapped in favor of a reboot).

“You’re assuming that I know anything about Marvel lore, and I appreciate that,” he began, before suggesting going slightly off-topic: “If you know anything about the multiverse, you know now, retroactively, I’m in the multiverse now because of Doctor Strange [2]. 

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“I’m not a pizza vendor, OK? That would be a massive mistake to think I’m just a pizza vendor, or an usher, or a ring announcer, or a maître d’. It’s called the multiverse, my friend. So, yes, he is the same character, but we don’t know who he really is. It has not been revealed yet. I just got off the phone with the guys at Marvel, and we’re getting close to finding out.”

Does that mean Campbell might make another MCU cameo in the future? As an alternate version of Mysterio, perhaps, what with Monica Rambeau opening up the idea to different realities in The Marvels? “I can’t confirm or deny,” claimed Campbell, who isn’t particularly known for keeping quiet whenever he’s involved in a big blockbuster…

Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness are streaming now on Disney Plus. For more, check out our guide to all the new superhero movies heading our way throughout the rest of 2023 and beyond.

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