Marvel’s Blade could deliver a better vampire-hunting experience than Redfall, as it has the opportunity to capitalize on the gameplay potential. The game seems to have its own unique take on the character of Blade, separate from the MCU film, but there might still be some overlap with the villains. The game could feature a range of compelling enemies, including Blackout, Deacon Frost, Lucas Cross, Morbius, and Dracula, each adding depth to Blade’s story and offering exciting gameplay opportunities.

Marvel’s Blade was revealed at the Game Awards 2023 as the latest project coming from Arkane Studios, adding to the growing number of Marvel games in the works. Although Arkane Studios recently released another vampire-hunting game in Redfall to underwhelming player reactions, Marvel’s Blade has a chance to make good on the vampire-hunting gameplay potential that Redfall had. Part of the success of Marvel’s Blade hinges on the game’s villains, and the hero has several foes from the comics that would make great antagonists in this game.

While the reveal trailer for Marvel’s Blade didn’t give away too many details about the game, the developers clarified that it would be a single-player, third-person title set in a quarantined version of Paris. With the release of Marvel’s Blade potentially aligning with the release of the MCU’s Blade film, it’s unlikely that the two would follow the same storyline, as Arkane’s game seems to be its own unique take on the character. However, given how crucial many of Blade’s villains are to his story, it’s possible there could be some overlap between the two.


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While it’s unlikely that Lilith herself would be the main antagonist of Marvel’s Blade given her recent role in Marvel’s Midnight Suns and rumored role in the MCU Blade movie, one of her Lilin could appear as a foe for Blade in this game. Blackout is typically known as an enemy of Ghost Rider, but he has had run-ins with the Daywalker as well, given that he is a former member of Hydra’s Department of Occult Armaments who has done battle with the Midnight Sons. Blackout also bears a stylish outfit that could fit perfectly within Arkane’s version of a vampire-infested Paris.

Deacon Frost

Frost is a pivotal character in Blade’s life as he is responsible for the death of Blade’s mother and his acquisition of vampiric powers. While Blade’s mother was experiencing complications during his birth, Deacon Frost was the doctor who helped ensure Blade was delivered safely, but his true nature as a vampire led him to feast on Blade’s mother during the birth, which transferred some of his vampiric enzymes to the baby to create a half vampire, half human child. Having become the Daywalker, Blade has sought vengeance against his progenitor andMarvel’s Bladecould explore this story.

Lucas Cross

Another key figure in Blade’s life is his biological father, Lucas Cross, who could play the role of a complicated antagonist in Marvel’s Blade. In the comics, Lucas Cross, dying from cancer, sends Blade’s mother to Deacon Frost for help with the complications surrounding her pregnancy before being taken prisoner in Latveria for a crime he didn’t commit. In his desperation to survive, he allowed himself to be transformed into a vampire, later seeking out Blade to join him among his vampire kin.


Morbius has become one of Marvel’s most infamous vampires in recent years due to the memes surrounding the film. However, Morbius is a major villain in Blade’s rogues’ gallery who could also have a complex role in Marvel’s Blade. The two have been both allies and foes at different times, with Blade initially hunting Morbius, but later sympathizing with his condition and working together within the Midnight Sons.


The most powerful and iconic vampire in the Marvel universe is Dracula, who also happens to be Blade’s archnemesis. There is a lot of history between these two that could be explored in Marvel’s Blade, like how Dracula killed Blade’s mentor and surrogate father, Jamal Afari, setting the Daywalker on a quest for revenge. Dracula even has a history within the city of Paris, potentially setting him up to play a major role in Arkane’s upcoming title.

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