The Predator is familiar with fighting Wolverine from the limited series Predator vs Wolverine, but there are plenty other Marvel heroes for the Predator to fight. Iron Man would challenge a Predator’s tech, Captain America would challenge its tactics, and Black Panther would be almost a perfectly even match. Out of every hero, Deadpool would be the most valuable. Not because he’d put up the best fight, but because Predators could hunt him again and again due to his healing factor.

The Predator has officially entered the Marvel Comics sandbox with the ongoing limited series Predator vs Wolverine by Benjamin Percy, Ken Len Lashley, Greg Land, and Andrea Di Vito. In it, the infamous alien hunter is in a decades-long conflict with Wolverine, one that’s pushing the Predator (and Predators) to the absolute extent of their hunting abilities. And while this storyline has been incredibly entertaining thus far, it does naturally bring one lingering question to the minds of fans: who’s next?

Predator vs Wolverine is a standalone story seemingly set within its own pocket reality in terms of its connection to the wider Marvel Universe (indeed, the comic itself is being published under 20th Century Studios rather than Marvel Comics proper). So it’s not like Predators have suddenly become Marvel Comics canon, and fans shouldn’t expect to see any joining forces with the Avengers the next time Thanos decides to attack. However, if Wolverine can get one of these storylines, then that means any hero can – whether it’s official Marvel Comics canon or not. In fact, a few of them were even teased in 2022 on Marvel Comics’ ‘Vs Predator’ variant covers. Here are the 10 Marvel Comics heroes the Predator should fight next (after taking on Wolverine).


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10 Iron Man Would Put The Predator’s Advanced Tech To The Test

This image is from Marvel Comics’ ‘Vs Predator’ initiative by artist Bjorn Barends, and is depicted on the variant cover of Iron Man #22.

Tony Stark has access to some of the most advanced technology in the Marvel Universe (most of which is of his own design). While this is a known fact, no comic displayed this better than the limited series I Am Iron Man by Murewa Ayodele and Dotun Akande, as it shows the gradual advancement of Iron Man’s tech all the way to the point where he is basically a god. With this level of technology at his disposal, even the advancements of the Predator pale in comparison to what Iron Man could bring to this fight.

The Predator would undoubtedly get in a few good hits at the beginning of the hunt, but it would have to either kill Iron Man quickly or adapt to the level of weaponry he’d fire back at it, making this battle more of an arms race than a classic Predator hunt.

9 Captain America’s Tactical Genius Would Challenge The Predator’s Hunting Skills

This image is from Marvel Comics’ ‘Vs Predator’ initiative by artist Iban Coello, and is depicted on the variant cover of Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #2.

Steve Rogers isn’t just an average superhero, but a world-classic icon and proven warrior. Not only did he prove this when he literally fought Conan the Barbarian (What If? #43 by Peter B. Gillis and Bob Hall), but also when he became not just a member, but the leader of the Avengers roughly ten issues after first joining the team. Captain America is a hero unlike any other, and he backs it up with his tactical genius and mastery of hand-to-hand combat.

While the Predator is an expert hunter on a galactic scale, Captain America is a one-man army forged by war and fueled by righteousness. The Predator might be able to kill him, but it’d be as fair a fight as any.

8 Black Widow Is Able To Be Unseen Without Predator Tech

This image is from Marvel Comics’ ‘Vs Predator’ initiative by artist Mirka Andolfo, and is depicted on the variant cover of Savage Avengers #3.

Natasha Romanoff is the epitome of a super-spy, and is effectively the best of what humans without the aid of significant enhancements have to offer. Black Widow’s job is to be invisible, to blend in and complete an assignment undetected, using whatever means she has access to. The most terrifying example of this was shown in Venom #26 by Torunn Grønbekk and Julius Ohta, when Black Widow revealed she had her own ‘Venom Symbiote’, with which she used to infiltrate a target’s mind and siphon knowledge directly from his brain into hers before all but vanishing into thin air.

Black Widow can evade anyone, and will do whatever it takes to complete a mission, even if it means killing a hunter from across the stars. Sure, a Predator might have a cloaking device, but Black Widow can be invisible without Predator tech, and will always find a way to kill her target (even if she has to literally Venomize herself to do it).

This image is from Marvel Comics’ ‘Vs Predator’ initiative by artist E.M. Gist, and is depicted on the variant cover of Avengers #58.

Vampires are some of the deadliest predators on the face of the Earth, proven true when Dracula successfully turned the X-Men into blood-suckers and nearly brought about the end of the world (as seen in What If? Vol. 2 #24 by Roy Thomas, J.M. Lofficier, and Tom Morgan). Yet even still, Blade kills them regularly, and oftentimes with seemingly little effort, which naturally brings up one question: if Blade could kill Earth’s deadliest predators, how would he fare against the galaxy’s greatest predators?

Blade doesn’t usually rely on tech, so the Predator would have an advantage there, but more often than not, a fight against a Predator usually ends with blades and hand-to-hand combat, and that’s an area where Blade absolutely dominates.

6 Daredevil Would Be Immune To The Predator’s Greatest Weapon

Since his introduction, Daredevil has had the ability to sense his surroundings perfectly, and at a great distance. This ability was showcased brilliantly in Chip Zdarsky’s Daredevil run (specifically Vol. 6) which oftentimes depicted Daredevil using this power to do anything from walking around a stranger’s apartment, to patrolling Hell’s Kitchen without moving an inch, to even detecting poison in prison food before it killed him. And this power would be integral if Daredevil ever came face-to-face with a Predator, especially when considering the Predator’s deadliest weapon is arguably its cloaking device.

With the cloaking tech, a Predator can survey and attack its prey without them even knowing it’s there. But Daredevil would know, and he has the training and fighting skills it takes to take on the Predator hand-to-hand, making Predator’s cloaking device useless.

5 Hulk Is Easily Stronger Than The Predator – But Is He Deadlier?

This image is from Marvel Comics’ ‘Vs Predator’ initiative by artist Dale Keown, and is depicted on the variant cover of Hulk #9.

Predators are known for their agility, expert-level hunting ability, advanced technology, and insatiable bloodlust, but not so much for their strength. Sure, a Predator can out-muscle even someone as strong as Arnold Schwarzenegger with ease, but that’s nowhere near the level of superhuman strength one would need to trade blows with the Hulk. However, knowing that may give the Predator a major advantage, as it wouldn’t even try to do the ‘honorable thing’ and take off its mask for a hand-to-hand final brawl, but would instead eliminate the Hulk from a distance – most likely with its plasma cannon.

While comics like Al Ewing’s Immortal Hulk have shown that the Hulk really can’t be killed, they also explicitly show that he can at least be defeated, meaning the Predator has a good shot at claiming this particular trophy (even if it has no chance of overpowering the Hulk with its strength alone).

4 Shadowkat Is Literally Untouchable, An Exciting Challenge For A Predator

As was most recently shown in X-Men #27 by Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto, Shadowkat is so confident with her phasing powers that she would venture into the heart of an Orchis prison that’s strong enough to hold the Juggernaut with the mutant-killing Nimrod playing prison guard. Especially following the events of Hellfire Gala 2023, this proves that Kate Pryde fears nothing, and knows that her mutation can get her out of practically any jam – so why should a fight with a Predator be any different?

From Shadowkat’s perspective, a Predator might not present much of a threat, but that’s exactly why this particular hunt would fuel a Predator’s interest. Prey that they can’t harm? Unheard of. Only the best hunter in the universe could claim such a prize, and there are few Predators who would turn down such a challenge.

3 Black Panther Is Perhaps A Better ‘Predator’ Than The Yautja

From his powers, tech, fighting style, and cat-like reflexes, Black Panther is perhaps the closest thing to a Predator the Marvel Universe has to offer. Not only is Black Panther used to hunting in a jungle setting (as shown in the opening scenes of the MCU’s Black Panther), and could easily match the Predator on that front, but he also got a fairly recent upgrade that would literally tear the Predator to shreds if they came to blows – which they almost certainly would. That upgrade is Black Panther’s Antarctic Vibranium claws (as seen in Avengers #1 by Jed MacKay and C.F. Villa), which are strong enough to make Wolverine’s adamantium claws look weak.

If the Predator finds it has any trouble taking down Wolverine during the recent crossover, then it won’t stand a chance against Black Panther, who might be a better ‘Predator’ than the Yautja themselves.

2 Spider-Man Has 1 Advantage That Would Test The Predator’s Skills

This image is from Marvel Comics’ ‘Vs Predator’ initiative by artist Cory Smith, and is depicted on the variant cover of Amazing Spider-Man #7

Just as Daredevil could use his senses to pinpoint the exact location of a Predator even when their cloaking device is active, so too can Spider-Man be alerted to invisible danger by his spider-sense. With that one advantage, the Predator’s stealth would mean nothing if it was hunting Spider-Man, which would force the battle to move to a more brutish kind of brawl. While Spider-Man might not be as strong as the Hulk, he’s certainly stronger than even the most physically capable human alive, which means the Predator’s strength would pale in comparison to Spidey’s.

Plus, Spider-Man has proven that he can be uncharacteristically brutal during a high-stakes fist fight, as shown in Amazing Spider-Man #542 by J. Michael Straczynski and Ron Garney, when he nearly killed the Kingpin. So, not only does Spider-Man have a major advantage against the Predator should one attack, he also has the will to put it down permanently.

Deadpool is an unquestionably skilled killer – indeed, he’s done it professionally for decades – and his healing factor means he’s virtually unkillable. While that may seem like it should add to how deadly he is, Deadpool’s healing factor actually can lessen his effectiveness in battle, as he doesn’t care about taking damage, and is way too comfortable getting horrifically mutilated for the sake of a joke. This would make Deadpool an ideal Predator target for a completely different reason than any other hero they would hunt, as they could capture him with ease and hunt him over and over again.

In 20th Century Studios’ Predator Vol. 2 by Ed Brisson and Netho Diaz, readers were just taken to a hunting preserve planet similar to the one from 2010’s Predators, where the Yautja released captured prey to hunt for sport in a controlled environment. Deadpool would be perfect for this treatment, as the Predators could hunt Deadpool in their preserve till practically the end of time, making him one of the 10 best choices of Marvel Comics heroes the Predator should hunt after Wolverine.

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