15th CSBG DC/Marvel Tournament voting on favorite live action TV series.
Selection committee based on IMDB ratings and past success of shows.
Final Four matchups like Daredevil vs. WandaVision. Vote now! #csbgdcmarvel24

It’s the 15th annual CSBG DC/Marvel Tournament! This time around, you will be voting on which is your favorite LIVE ACTION (so no animated options) DC/Marvel TV series!

In the three years since I last did live action TV shows as a theme for the tournament, the amount of new DC/Marvel TV series released has been really impressive. Back then, I had to REALLY stretch to get 64 options by including TV movies and failed pilots. This time around, I have MORE than 64 choices (earlier today, Secret Invasion and Inhumans lost in a play-in game to get to the 63rd and 64th spots on the tournament).

The selection committee is a mixture between IMDB’s user rating, and the past success (or failure) of a show in the last time I did this tournament. So, for instance, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow doing well back in 2019 means it has a higher seed this year. I’ve always mixed things up a bit with the newest shows on the list, those I played it by ear a bit.

So just pick your favorite TV show from the following matchups! The fifth round of voting, the Final Four, starts now! You’re going to be voting for both matchups today. The voting concludes roughly 48 hours from right now.

Use this hashtag to find the posts on nuTwitter – #csbgdcmarvel24 I don’t love using nuTwitter for the polls, but unless you know of a free poll place that allows thousands of responses, then, well, we’re stuck with nuTwitter.

Go vote, and have fun!

“}]] It’s the 15th annual CSBG DC/Marvel Tournament! This time around, you will be voting on your favorite DC/Marvel TV shows. The Final Four begins!  Read More