Marvel has given fans many of the greatest superhero romances of all time. The Marvel Universe, as it is currently known, is partly built on a major romance. The relationship between Reed and Sue Richards played a role in the creation of the Fantastic Four, the first major Marvel superteam. Since then, Marvel has given readers romances that have made characters better and ones that have come to define superhero comics. However, Marvel is much bigger than the 616 universe that is focused on in the comics, and there are all kinds of great romances out there, from those in alternate universes to those in other media.

These non-canon romances have made an impact on fans. Marvel is known for cross-media synergy, but some of its most iconic romances from the MCU have never been brought to the comics. Conversely, some great romances from Marvel’s alternate universes would be great in the 616 universe. Marvel could make a lot of people by bringing these romances into canon.


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The Avengers have given readers a lot of great romances. Many relationships have become extremely important to the Marvel Universe, but others have fallen by the wayside. One such relationship that seemed to be going somewhere but didn’t was the one between Havok and the Wasp. The two met each other as members of the Avengers Unity Squad and hit it off. Havok always wanted to be a hero, and the Wasp seemed the perfect person to help him get there. They had a great relationship that got even more serious after the Earth was destroyed.

The Avengers Unity Squad battled the Apocalypse Twins, who manipulated a Celestial to destroy Earth, but not before transporting mutants off-planet Wasp was able to tag along on the Ark the Apocalypse Twins created because of her size-changing powers and reunited with Havok The two ended up marrying each other and worked together to defeat the remaining Apocalypse Twin Eimin, who had tricked the X-Men

Havok and Wasp had a child in this alternate future, but Havok had to give up their relationship to stop the whole thing from happening. Neither of them has any memory of this alternate universe, which is tragic but made all the worse by the fact that they had a child, which was lost as well. Havok and the Wasp have had rather complicated relationships, but they went very well together. It would be better for both characters to get back together, as their current romantic prospects aren’t sterling.

9 Colossus And Northstar Were A Great Ultimate Universe Couple

The original Ultimate Universe followed the 616 closely in many ways, but there were some differences, mostly with B-list characters. Colossus was one of these characters. While he was still a strongman with the heart of a poet, there was something very different from the 616 version of the character. He seemed more likely to question himself and held his teammates at more of a distance. Eventually, it was revealed that this version of Colossus was gay.

Ultimate Colossus being gay was a rather big deal in the early ’00s, as he was one of the highest profile gay Marvel characters at the time Colossus eventually met Northstar, who was gay in the 616 universe as well as the Ultimate Universe The two of them became a couple, replacing the much more popular Colossus/Kitty Pryde pairing in the Ultimate Universe

Colossus in the 616 universe is something of a mess as a character. His last romantic relationship ended with him killing his girlfriend because he was under the mental control of his evil brother. Meanwhile, Northstar is happily married to a human named Kyle, but the character hasn’t resonated with many fans. Colossus and Northstar are a relationship that could be very good for both characters. Colossus’ main romance hasn’t worked for a long time, and Northstar is a C-lister who could potentially ride a relationship with Colossus to better things.

8 There Is No Laura Barton In The 616 Universe


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Hawkeye in the 616 universe is something of a ladies man. While he was married to Mockingbird in the 1980s, Hawkeye is mostly single and has dated many of his fellow superheroes. Hawkeye’s romantic relationships are usually messy and don’t last very long, but two versions are devoted family men. In the original Ultimate Universe, readers learn that Hawkeye is married to a woman named Laura, and they have two children. The MCU copied this development but changed his family’s ultimate fate.

In the Ultimate Universe, Hawkeye’s family was killed by Black Widow, who had betrayed the team In the MCU, Hawkeye had met Laura when she was a SHIELD agent Both the Ultimate and MCU Hawkeyes were completely devoted to their families

Marvel is known for bringing aspects of the MCU into the comics, but they’ve never brought Laura Barton over for some reason. Now, they couldn’t just retcon in a marriage and 616 Hawkeye wasn’t a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent until long after he became a superhero. Still, they could introduce her as a character and start a relationship between them. Most of Hawkeye’s relationships since his marriage to Mockingbird have been duds, so giving him something lasting with Laura would be great.

7 Doctor Doom And Invisible Woman Made A Really Good Couple

Doctor Doom is known for his jealousy and hatred of Reed Richards. This was taken to the greatest extreme when he became God Emperor Doom. Doom recreated the Multiverse from parts of destroyed universes and found a version of Sue, Johnny, and Ben without Reed. Doom made Johnny into the sun and transformed Ben into the basis of the wall partitioning off the Marvel Zombies and Age of Ultron zones from the rest of Battleworld. However, Doom had a very different destiny in store for Sue.

Doom saved Sue, Ben, and Johnny from Apocalypse after the mutant killed their leader, Dr. Franklin Storm Doom and Sue fell in love and Doom became the father of Valeria and Franklin Doom allowed Sue to see him without his mask on, which wasn’t something Doom allowed in any other universe

Of course, when the universe was put back to normal, the relationship never actually happened. Sue is happily married to Reed, so there’s not really any chance that Doom and Sue will ever get together. However, Sue is also well-known for her flirtations and almost affairs with Namor. Doom and Sue have a lot of anger towards each other, but it would be interesting to see them warm up to each other, maybe because of Doom’s love for Valeria. Giving Reed and Doom another reason to hate each other is always nice.

6 Daredevil And She-Hulk Have Never Gotten Together In The 616 Universe

The MCU has many relationships that never happened in the comics. These relationships have reached a much wider audience than the comics have. Some of them are pretty comic-accurate, but some have been rather surprising for comic fans, even when they shouldn’t be. She-Hulk: Attorney At Law included a hook-up between Daredevil and She-Hulk, one that fans of the MCU, the Netflix Marvel shows, and the comics all enjoyed.

Daredevil and She-Hulk are both superhero lawyers, giving them something in common Daredevil is known for the sheer amount of superhero women he’s dated She-Hulk has had her share of relationships with superheroes but few of her relationships have ever stuck

She-Hulk and Daredevil made a great team in the MCU, and there’s no reason they couldn’t do the same in the comics. Daredevil was with Elektra recently, but the two of them are the definition of on and off. She-Hulk and Daredevil could be in a relationship in the current comics, or Marvel can put them together in one of the flashback miniseries it likes to do so much. It’s an interesting pairing for the two of them and one that could take both characters to new places.

5 Iron Man And Pepper Potts Never Got Married In The Comics

The MCU is a very different place than the comics, despite using some of the same ideas. Iron Man’s tenure in the MCU is a perfect example of this. The first Iron Man movie borrowed a lot from the early comics – merely changing the comics’ original Vietnam War setting and introducing characters like Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan. Both of these characters have become much less important in the comics, but they were part of the original supporting cast for Iron Man.

Much like in the MCU, Pepper and Tony Stark were in a long-term relationship for a long time In the comics, Happy first met Tony by saving his life after Tony crashed an experimental car In the comics, Happy and Pepper eventually got together

In the comics, Tony kept his international playboy way of life after Pepper and Happy got together. He dated multiple superheroes and female members of his supporting cast. However, the MCU showed how well the two of them were together. MCU Iron Man’s marriage to Pepper showed how much the character had grown and changed, and that same kind of character growth would be nice for the comic version of Iron Man. Happy Hogan is dead in the comics, so there’s really no reason not to have Iron Man and Pepper Potts finally get together.

4 Hercules And Wolverine Were Together In One Alternate Universe

Alternate universe stories have been Marvel’s bread and butter for a long time. The X-Men have starred in many of Marvel’s best alternate universe stories, from Days Of Future Past to Age Of Apocalypse, so it’s no surprise that there are lots of great non-canon relationships starring X-Men. One of them involved the Prince of Power, Hercules and Wolverine.

X-Treme X-Men (Vol. 2) starred a team of X-Men using a Ghost Box, a device that allowed people to travel through the Multiverse, to try and save creation from a mysterious threat At one point, an alternate version of Wolverine named Howlett joins the team Howlett is in a relationship with Hercules in his universe and Hercules ends up joining the X-Treme X-Men beside his boyfriend

Wolverine in the 616 has mostly been portrayed as straight, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t bisexual, it just means that it hasn’t been revealed yet. Hercules has been established as bisexual, and it wouldn’t really take a lot of work to make the couple happen. Wolverine’s girlfriends have a tendency to end up dead, which isn’t something that would be a problem for Hercules. Wolverine and Hercules represent an interesting pairing and would make for a unique relationship for Wolverine.

3 Miles Morales And Spider-Gwen Together Would Make A Lot Of Fans Happy


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Miles Morales was always extremely popular from the word go. The character is probably the most popular Marvel creation of the 2010s, with only Ms. Marvel rivaling him. Miles has appeared in a lot of outside media – from the Sony Spider-Man video games to Disney Junior’s Spidey And His Amazing Friends to the Spider-Verse movies. This gives him a lot of fans, and for many of them, his most important relationship is the one he has with Spider-Gwen.

Miles and Spider-Gwen are often paired together as friends in most media outside comics The Spider-Verse movies seem to be pointing at a relationship between them. The Spider-Verse movies are easily the most popular Spider-Man media of the last ten years, even outdoing the MCU Spider-Man movies

Spider-Gwen is due to join the 616 Marvel Universe, and when she does so, putting her in a relationship with Miles Morales might get people who wouldn’t normally read a comic to check it out. Miles and Spider-Gwen have worked together in the comics and have a history. Miles has had other girlfriends, but they aren’t as well known as his one semi-relationship with Spider-Gwen. Putting them together has great potential for both characters and could help comics break out among fans that never read comics.

2 Wolverine And Jean Grey Is The One Relationship That Wolverine Fans Really Want

The X-Men have been defined by one love triangle since the 1980s – Cyclops/Jean Grey/Wolverine. Cyclops and Jean Grey have been together for most of the characters’ existence, and Wolverine’s love for her has been a big part of the character for most of his tenure with the X-Men. Wolverine has had many girlfriends, but his love for Jean Grey has been a specter over every single one of his relationships.

Wolverine and Jean Grey have never actually been together in a monogamous relationship in the 616 universe However, Wolverine and Jean Grey have had relationships in alternate universes, most notably in the Age Of Apocalypse A throuple was teased between Wolverine, Cyclops, and Jean but it never really developed, although Wolverine and Jean were more affectionate than usual in X-Force (Vol. 6)

Some fans are tired of Wolverine and Jean Grey’s constant flirtations, but maybe it’s time for them to actually get together in the 616 universe. Cyclops and Jean are together currently, but this throwback relationship does nothing for anyone. Cyclops is better with Emma Frost in many ways, and Jean can fall into boring patterns while she’s with Cyclops. Putting Wolverine and Jean together could finally answer whether they should be together. For some, it’s a Holy Grail relationship, and it would be great to see it finally come to fruition.

1 Spider-Man And Mary Jane Should Be Married Again


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Ultimate Spider-Man (Vol. 2) has hit Spider-Man fans like a ton of bricks. There are many Spider-Man titles, and The Amazing Spider-Man is always one of the top-selling comics every month, but Ultimate Spider-Man (Vol. 2) is hitting the sales charts hard. Ultimate Spider-Man (Vol. 2) revolves around an older Peter Parker getting his spider powers, which is a cool switch-up, but a huge reason people love the book is because Peter Parker and Mary Jane are married in the book. Fans are eating the book up, making it a guaranteed monthly sell-out.

The Amazing Spider-Man hasn’t been making fans very happy, mainly because of the current relationship – or lack of one – between Peter and Mary Jane Early in the newest run, Peter and Mary Jane were trapped in an alternate universe together; Peter was able to get out and tried to get back to save Mary Jane However, in the interim, Mary Jane fell in love with a man named Paul, and Peter brought them both back to the 616 universe

Spider-Man and Mary Jane’s relationship was nullified by the controversial One More Day, and for many fans, that’s where all the problems with Spider-Man comics began. The current run of TASM has fans in an uproar, but USM (Vol. 2) is a balm for many Spider-Man fans who stopped buying Spider-Man comics because of the end of the relationship between Peter and MJ. MJ is still Peter’s most well-known relationship outside comics, and there’s no reason their marriage shouldn’t be re-established in the 616 universe.


Marvel is a multimedia powerhouse encompassing comic books, movies, TV shows, and more, captivating audiences with its iconic characters, thrilling narratives, and diverse worlds. From the legendary Avengers to the street-level heroes like Daredevil, Marvel’s universe is vast and ever-expanding.

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