Spider-Gwen’s relatability, design, and adventures have made her a beloved heroine in the modern Spider-Verse of comics, TV, and film.
According to Stephanie Phillips, writer of the new
Spider-Gwen: The Ghost-Spider
comic series, it’s Gwen’s relatibility that has made her a modern icon.
While introduced decades later, this makes Gwen a perfect illustration of what Stan Lee thought was most important in creating superheroes like the original Spider-Man.

Although Spider-Gwen is a relatively new character, her success can largely be attributed to Stan Lee’s approach to Spider-Man. Her relatability, adventures, and design all contribute to making her a beloved heroine. While she may have begun as an alternate version of one of Spider-Man’s best-known love interests, she has become an independent and accomplished hero in her own right.

Debuting in 2014, nearly fifty years after the original character that inspired her, Spider-Gwen has since been featured in numerous adventures. From solo series and comic events to appearances in animated feature films, Gwen Stacy has taken on an entirely new life and level of popularity with her Ghost-Spider alter ego.

Soon, she will have a big universe move, coming to Earth-616 for more than just an assist to other Marvel heroes. Instead, she will become a resident there, leaving Earth-65, similar to the way Miles Morales left the Ultimate universe.


Marvel Just Made the Biggest Change to Spider-Gwen Since Her Debut

Spider-Gwen: The Ghost Spider is Gwen Stacy’s latest solo series and it will come with a big universal move to shift the heroine’s life for good.

Gwen Stacy’s Most Important Characteristic is Her Relatability

Recently, Spider-Gwen’s popularity was discussed in an interview comic creator Stephanie Phillips had with Looper. Phillips is the writer of the upcoming comic series, Spider-Gwen: The Ghost-Spider #1. The issue also features work from Chris Campana. It is slated for release in late May and will begin the titular heroine’s new era in a new home. While this is a new start for Earth-65’s Gwen Stacy, Earth-616 already had its own Gwen, which could pose several problems for her as she embarks on her latest journey. When asked about the way audiences resonate with Spider-Gwen, Phillips said:

I think that tells you a lot about how readers adore her and also just feel so connected and personally intertwined with her story. Gwen is incredibly relatable in ways that Peter Parker was: one of the first teenage characters going through changes and really identifying with his readers in that way. I think Gwen is maybe one of the best iterations in modern times that we’ve seen of a character being able to reach an audience in that way as well, because she is a much newer character than Peter, and the way that she has reached a new level of readers, especially at a time where I think there are far more women coming into comic book shops than ever before. Gwen is an absolute icon for new readers finding these books.

This reflection on Gwen Stacy’s current role in comics mirrors a lot of Stan Lee’s original vision for Marvel – and especially for Spider-Man. Lee wanted Marvel’s heroes to be seen as humans with real-world problems. He believed this focus would allow fans to see themselves in the characters and be able to connect very well with them. This has not only proven true but has been a core element in Peter Parker’s design and adventures. However, where Peter has seemed to stagnate in recent years as a result of his relatability, Gwen is thriving and could continue to do so.

Stan Lee Put Relatability at The Forefront of Marvel Storytelling

In many ways, Earth-65’s Gwen Stacy has undergone a similar journey to Peter Parker’s. She was bitten by a radioactive spider and lost Peter Parker, who was her best friend. Since then, she has battled villains, been part of important comic events, and paved her way in the Spider-Verse alongside her numerous allies. From dealing with friendship tensions to being bonded to symbiotes, Gwen has experienced a lot of what Peter has experienced, but as a new heroine with a 21st-century audience. Spider-Gwen’s popularity can largely be attributed to the most important storytelling lesson Stan Lee left Marvel’s creative minds.

Spider-Gwen: The Ghost-Spider #1 will be available on May 22 from Marvel Comics.

Spider-Gwen: The Ghost-Spider #1 (2024)

Writer: Stephanie Philips Artist: Chris Campana Cover Artist: Mark Brooks

Source: Looper

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