Warning: Contains SPOILERS for X-Men #27

From Omega-level elemental powers, like those of Storm and Iceman, to mind-altering telepathic abilities, as exhibited by Jean Grey and Emma Frost, to raw, brute force, there is very little the X-Men don’t have a power set tailored for. It is the latter category that one of their newest recruits, Rasputin IV, just displayed her dominance over, by taking out Marvel Comics’ original heavy-hitter, Fantastic Four’s Thing.

X-Men #27 – by Gerry Duggan, Phil Noto, and VC’s Clayton Cowles – finds what remains of the titular team seeking out the Fantastic Four for information in the battle against Orchis.

Just like every good superhero team-up, it starts with a misunderstanding and a fight.

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The X-Men Have A New Powerhouse Heavyweight

Approaching the Fantastic Four’s new home, Rasputin IV intends to get what they came for, whether Mister Fantastic chooses to comply or not. When the ever-lovin’, blue-eyed Thing stands in her way, she knocks him out with a single punch. Bred with the strength of the X-Men’s resident powerhouse, Colossus, it’s no wonder that Rasputin IV is tough enough to go up against a bruiser like the Thing. Still, the notion that she could take him out is a single blow is pretty surprising. Further, X-Men #27 makes it clear this initial blow wasn’t a lucky strike, as he attempts to confront her again, only to be similarly shut down.

Clearly, Rasputin IV’s strength makes her one of the X-Men’s heaviest hitters, especially if she can lay out the Thing so easily. However, that is just one aspect of her power set. As a mutant “chimera” engineered by Mr. Sinister, Rasputin has the powers of multiple mutant powerhouses. Considering her other abilities like Kate Pryde’s phasing or Quentin Quire’s telepathy – which she also uses to handily defeat the Human Torch – she’s potentially one of Marvel Comics strongest characters. As Sinister’s only successful chimera creation, she could be the X-Men’s secret weapon against the forces of Orchis.

Rasputin IV Is In A Class of Her Own

Rasputin IV may be relatively new to the world of the X-Men franchise, but she’s already making a big impact. With enough raw power to take out a heavy hitter like the Thing, it’s clear that she’s in a very special weight class, alongside characters like Colossus or maybe even the Juggernaut. Beyond just physical strength, X-Men #27 also depicts Rasputin as a strong, capable leader, the kind mutants need now more than ever. With the rest of the abilities at her disposal, Rasputin IV is certain to be integral to mutantkind’s survival as the newest member of Marvel Comics’ X-Men.

X-Men #27 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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