X-Men #1 cover is reimagined in a cute chibi style by artist Dan Hipp who honors original design perfectly.
Dan Hipp uses family-friendly art style to put a fun visual twist on pop culture icons, especially the mutants of the X-Men.
Despite being released over three decades ago, Marvel’s X-Men #1 cover continues to inspire creatives today and is one of the most iconic comic images of all time.

The X-Men is one of Marvel Comics’ most popular superhero teams this side of The Avengers and The Fantastic Four, with their early 90s comic relaunch successfully updating the team and their stories for a whole new generation. A first issue released with multiple covers which, when connected, became a piece of art worthy of the X-Men’s legacy, this iconic cover image has just been given a fresh “chibi” redesign that honors the original in a way that does it justice.

Recently shared by Dan Hipp (@MISTERHIPP) on X, Dan uses his family-friendly art style to put a fun visual twist on iconic pop culture characters fans know well, with Dan’s experience as an art director on Teen Titans Go! perfectly complementing his energetic work as an artist.

Also uploading images featuring Godzilla and Kong, Jane Foster’s Thor, TMNT’s Leonardo and Shredder teaming up the X-Men’s Cyclops and Magneto, and even some choice Spider-Man pieces that show off his sprawling Spider-Verse, Dan clearly knows how to make a redesign work, with this reimagined “chibi” cover being no exception.


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Jim Lee’s Iconic X-Men #1 Cover Gets The Perfect Chibi Makeover In New Fanart

Fanart Design by @MISTERHIPP

One of the most well-recognized comic covers of all time, X-Men #1, drawn by the one and only Jim Lee, hit store shelves in 1991 as four separate but connecting variant covers, each featuring a different set of X-Men characters. Reserving the far left of the image for Jean Grey, Storm, Beast, Archangel, and Professor X, the next few covers moving to the right showed Colossus, Gambit, Rogue, and Psylocke together, then Cyclops, Wolverine, and Iceman grouped up, and finally, Magneto as he single-handedly takes on the entire team.

Placing the team closer together to fit everyone into a single image, Dan manages to replicate Jim Lee’s art in a way that pays perfect homage to Lee’s original design while simultaneously giving fans something new to appreciate. Portraying each mutant member as cute miniature versions of themselves, these chibi-like X-Men designs give off a Saturday morning cartoon vibe that sees them pop off the page in a delightful way, elevating X-Men #1’s cover into something even more outstanding thanks to Dan’s vibrant colors and clean lines.

Marvel Fanart Reimagines Jim Lee’s X-Men #1 Cover In A Chibi Art Style

While it’s been over three decades since this issue of X-Men was released, it’s great to see it still getting the credit it deserves as an infinitely replicable piece of comic art that still inspires creatives to this day. Marvel’s Merry Band of Mutants are in the midst of a huge shakeup in the comic space thanks to the current “Fall of X” storyline and Orchis’ evil machinations, so luckily for Dan Hipp (@MISTERHIPP) and his over 80k followers, there are more than enough X-Men covers for him to choose from for his next mutant-related project.


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