Magneto returns to the spotlight following “Resurrection of Magneto,” which showcased his heroic transformation over the years.
X-Men #1 leans into Magneto’s “Zaddy” factor, turning him into a sexy and brooding icon in Marvel canon.
With Xavier absent, Magneto steps up as a leader in the new era of the X-Men, highlighting his sensuality and power.

The iconic X-Men hero Magneto is finally in the spotlight again after being brought back to life in Resurrection of Magneto. As Krakoa continues to fall, more news about mutantkind’s new From the Ashes era continues to drop, including a gorgeous new cover for X-Men #1 that highlights Magneto’s status as a permanent sex symbol in Marvel canon.

Magneto was tragically killed by Uranos in the Judgment Day event but has now returned to help the X-Men battle against Orchis and Enigma after Storm traveled to the afterlife to retrieve Erik from his self-imposed torment.

The X-Men have always been some of the horniest heroes out there and X-Men #1, from writer Jed MacKay and artist Ryan Stegman, is leaning into Magneto’s “Zaddy” factor, giving the beloved hero a sexy beard and a brooding visage in Tony Daniel’s gorgeous variant cover.

X-Men #1 (2024)

Release Date:

July 10th, 2024


Jed MacKay


Ryan Stegman

Cover Artist:

Ryan Stegman

Variant Covers:

J. Scott Campbell, Tony Daniel

FROM THE ASHES! Krakoa is gone, Orchis has fallen… but the X-Men remain, always. Cyclops leads, because that is what he does. Beast builds, because that is what he does. And from their new home in Alaska, the X-Men raise a flag of defiance. Mutant business is their business. Join Cyclops, Beast, Magneto, Psylocke, Magik, Kid Omega, Temper, and Juggernaut as new forces in the world move into position, battling for the destiny and philosophy of the mutant species.

Magneto Will Always Be An Iconic X-Men Sex Symbol

When Magneto was first introduced he was depicted as a curmudgeonly older man, with a penchant for verbal abuse and light acts of terrorism. Slowly, over the years, Erik became more and more heroic, and after being de-aged and re-aged several times, was eventually consistently depicted as a ripped, chiseled older man. The new Disney+ animated series X-Men ’97 has highlighted the sexy romance between Magneto and the X-Men icon Rogue, which is based on the intimate relationship the two characters had in comics while living in the Savage Land.

Rogue and Magneto’s Savage Land burgeoning romance is highlighted in 1991’s
Uncanny X-Men

Magneto’s sensuality, self-confidence, and incredible power have always made him an attractive man, and in recent years have taken to showing off the hero’s impressive physical physique and intimate, caring personality. Many X-Men are long-running sex symbols, notably heroes like Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Psylocke, but Magneto certainly ranks up there with some of the X-Men’s hottest members. Tony Daniels’ cover for X-Men #1 depicts a fierce-looking Magneto rocking a full beard and wearing a fascinating new costume, with a cape that looks like it is made from metal bird feathers.

X-Men’s New Era Sees Magneto Stepping Up In Xavier’s Absence

Tony Daniels’ X-Men #1 cover depicts the brooding Magneto towering over the rest of the main From the Ashes team, led by Cyclops alongside Tempest, Kid Omega, Beast, Magik, and Juggernaut. Teases for the X-Men’s new era have hinted that Xavier will become “Prisoner X,” after trying to genocide humanity and erase Krakoa from history, meaning a new revolutionary “mentor” needs to fill his shoes. With Magneto resurrected, and more dedicated than ever to protecting mutantkind, the handsome hero is once again stepping up in Xavier’s absence.

The X-Men legend Magneto has long been seen as a sex symbol, and an iconic representation of attractive older men, and his newest era is certainly leaning into this vibe. Magneto can be a leader, and a total Zaddy, all at once… nothing is too difficult for the Master of Magnetism.

X-Men #1 from Marvel Comics debuts on July 10th, 2024.

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