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Original X-Men #1 brings the 1960s team of X-Men back to the present day, but fans are already bored with the idea.

The 60th anniversary of the X-Men is imminent, and the seeds of that celebration are already being sown. The first step: bring the original 1960s team back to the present – again.

It won’t be the first time this has happened, and it’s certain not to be the last. In fact, Marvel Comics is teasing the future of the Marvel Universe being shaken to its core by the story.

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However, one group of people aren’t excited about the prospect: X-Men fans. With the Yesterday’s X-Men arc having just wrapped up a few years ago, many aren’t quite as enthused about the prospect of revisiting it already. 

Announced exclusively at AIPT Comics, Original X-Men is an upcoming one-shot being released for the 60th anniversary. An as-yet-unknown calls for the X-Men to regain their memories from the Phoenix Force and arrive in the present. 

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This group of X-Men previously jaunted to the present in 2012’s All-New X-Men #1. The team was brought forward by Beast in an effort to show Cyclops, who at this point was something of a mutant terrorist, the error of his ways. 

Marvel ComicsThe original X-Men return to the present day with universe-shaking repercussions in Original X-Men #1.

The plan backfired hilariously, though, as the original team didn’t really agree with the methods of any current X-Man. Briefly stranded in the present, they had their own series of adventures, remaining an active part of the current Marvel Universe until they returned to their time period, with their memories of the future locked away. 

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It’s understandable why fans are bored with the return, though. Their return to the past took place in 2019’s Extermination event, just a few short years ago. It’s hardly been enough time to miss them, especially considering the high-octane roller coaster X-Men books have been since. 

There are fans who are excited, though. Despite the relative recentness of the story, it’s hard to argue that the young X-Men weren’t compelling. Their interactions with their friends and allies of the past and present. Fans loved seeing not just the interactions but the reactions. 

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To add an extra wrinkle, Marvel is teasing that one member of the team will remain in the present, which does have some interesting implications. The members of the original X-Men team are currently in rough shape. Cyclops has been captured by the enemy, Iceman and Marvel Girl are both on death’s door in their respective storylines, and Beast has become a dark, machiavellian figure. 

The only thing not 100% certain is how the book will tie into the current Fall of X story or if the team is being brought forward to somehow resolve that arc. 

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Original X-Men #1 releases on December 20. For more X-Men and comics news, be sure to follow all our coverage

 The 1960s team comes to the present day in Original X-Men #1, but fans don’t seem too impressed with the idea.  Read More