After teasing three new X-Men “satellite” books as part of the new linewide “X-Men: From the Ashes” relaunch of the X-titles, Marvel has released further details and the cover of the first issue of one of the titles, X-Force. The series will be written by Geoffrey Thorne, and drawn by Marcus To (the first issue will have a cover by Stephen Segovia).

The series will star Forge, hot off of his current X-Men ’97 storyline, as the mutant hero whose super power is the ability to see things that no one else can, and create weapons and machines to solve those problems. Now, Forge sees a problem in the Marvel Universe itself, and has decided to put together a new team of mutant heroes that will “fix” those problems, whether anyone asks for their help or not!


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Who will be part of Forge’s new X-Force team?

Forge’s new X-Force team will be flexible in its membership, bringing in specialists when necessary, like Deadpool, who will guest star in the first issue of the new series. The main members of the book, though, are Rachel Summers, Betsy Braddock (Rachel and Betsy will continue their romance that became official in Knights of X. Marvel’s recent publicity announcement that Rachel and Betsy would be starring in an X-title together sort of spoiled Rachel’s recent “death” in Rise of the Powers of X, but hey, that’s comics for you), Sage, Surge and Tank (perhaps the Tank from Eve Ewing’s Ironheart series, but it is unclear).

This is the first X-Title that Marvel has released details about since it revealed the three “core” X-Men books nearly a month ago.


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Writer Geoffrey Thorne noted in a press release how pleased he was that Marvel liked his pitch for the series, “I cannot believe the reaction to my pitch with, ‘That sounds like X-Force to us.’ It’s a new vibe and a different mission, but it’s still X-Force. Looking at all the books coming out under this banner, I’ll just paraphrase the prophet, Sheryl Crow, ‘All I wanna do is have some fun,’ and looking at what I’m getting to do and what the others are bringing, I’m absolutely not the only one.”

Artist To, who previously drew Excalibur, the series that Betsy Braddock starred in before The Knights of X, for Marvel, added in the same press release, “When Marvel approached me to be the artist for X-FORCE, I was ecstatic. I was always a big fan of the X-books growing up, and to be a part of bringing that excitement to new and old readers alike was an opportunity I could not turn down. And the chance to draw Betsy Braddock again is icing on the cake!”

X-Force #1 is scheduled to go on sale on July 31st.

Source: Marvel

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