The Superhero genre has been flourishing in the industry for over the years now. But, many movies were panned, showing underwhelming performances at the box office, especially this year. Given that many influential personalities have already spoken their views on the genre, director, Michael Mann now faces the wrath of Marvel fans over his controversial comments.

Michael Mann and Al Pacino on the set of Heat

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The filmmaker who is notable for his works including Thief (1981), Heat (1995), and Collateral (2004), shared his remarks on the superhero movies in a recent interview, but, this didn’t sit well with the fans. 

Marvel Fans Slammed Michael Mann Due to His Remarks on Superhero Movies

MCU’s Avengers: Endgame Poster (2019)

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In a recent NME interview, Heat director, Michael Mann talked about adapting his new novel, Heat 2 which he co-wrote with Meg Gardiner. While sharing about his new movie, he shared the results of some studies that he did within the industry. 

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He stated, 

“People are kind of getting tired of superhero movies and are becoming more interested in pictures like Heat, if you like.”

This surely didn’t sit well with fans who in unison took to X to showcase their interest in the genre, thus proving his points wrong.


Check out the tweets below. 


— shadow – nyc (@fightyrdemons) December 24, 2023

I don’t agree

— My heart?✨ (@MyHeartcode) December 24, 2023

Time will tell. I love superhero movies and will continue to support Marvel and DC.

Most of these people are just insanely jealous of the comic book box office numbers and it’s obvious.

— Buckeye HQ (@RealisticBuck) December 24, 2023

People aren’t sick of superhero films. They’re sick of bad superhero films, which have steadily become the norm.

— unmodder (@unmodder) December 24, 2023

Who is Michael Mann? He sounds silly ?

— Terrill Hammons (@tkhamm) December 24, 2023

While fans are holding the director accountable for his words, he is not the first person to feel their wrath. Last year, Avatar director, James Cameron had to face similar criticism after he shared his opinions on the superhero movies. 

James Cameron Faced Similar Wrath as Michael Mann Over His Controversial Comments

James Cameron on the sets of Titanic

In a 2022 New York Times interview, the Titanic director criticized the superhero characters of Marvel and DC stating, ”they all act like they’re in college.” He further added how the superhero characters lack maturity and went on to state that he thinks “that’s not the way to make movies.” Fans quickly chimed in on Twitter (now X) to slam the director. Check some of the tweets here. 

He’s the last one that should be talking about “characters” when Avatar had dialogue like : “come get some”

— Bushwick Len (@bushwicklen) October 25, 2022

Marvel & DC films have better storytelling than your Avatar

— Farman (@farmaan___) October 26, 2022

That’s rich, coming from him.

— MaxHell Deadison (@MaxHeadSwivel) October 25, 2022

Oh yes, the “I have a movie coming out soon so I better go after superheroes to get my name circulating the trades for a bit” strategy of surprisingly insecure directors.

— JordanBlueman (@JordanBlueman) October 25, 2022

He says this as if the romance plot in Avatar wasn’t one of the most cliche, predictable, and cringe romances

— Mike Legere (@I_JustDont_Know) October 25, 2022

Oh James….shut up.

— Ess A.N. (@Scott13288468) October 25, 2022

Many fans at the time pointed out that it was his way of seeking attention given that his movie, Avatar: The Way of Water was close to its release date. Fans’ criticizing the personalities has made one thing clear the superhero genre is still a popular thing. While the recent superhero movies are unable to captivate fans’ attention, many have already made it clear that a good story is what they truly want at the end of the day, be it any project!

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 Fans criticized Michael Mann for his controversial remarks on superhero movies, similar to what James Cameron faced last year.  Read More