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The Wolverine + Wendigo hybrid is a terrifying threat. It’s got all of the Wendigo’s abilities, but it also has Wolverine’s claws and, presumably, adamantium skeleton.

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Marvel ComicsA clone of Wolverine gets turned into a terrifying Wendigo.

Wolverine gets ripped in half by the Wendigo in a moment that is more than a little jarring. He’s saved by an intervening Hulk, but given their history and Hulk’s current disposition, that may not be a good thing.

Wolverine’s healing factor should allow him to survive getting ripped apart. After all, he did survive getting nuked down to his bones once. And it’s worth noting his Ultimate Comics counterpart did once pull himself together when the Hulk ripped him in half.

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Wolverine #37 hits stands on September 20. For more Wolverine and comics news, but sure to follow all our coverage.

 Wolverine’s on the hunt for his clones, but instead he just found a terrifying, stronger-than-ever Wendigo with adamantium claws.  Read More  ” class=”text-neutral-grey w-full mb-4 text-body-1 font-body dark:text-neutral-white”>Wolverine’s hunt for his errant clones has led him straight to the Incredible Hulk and an angry Wendigo with adamantium claws.

When Wolverine debuted in 1974’s The Incredible Hulk #181, it wasn’t just a showdown with the Jade Giant. Wolverine and the Hulk squared off against the fearsome Wendigo, as well.

The Wendigo is Marvel’s take on the real-life legend and has been appearing in Marvel Comics for decades now. According to the legend, the Wendigo is a curse brought about by cannibalism, something that carries over into Marvel’s take on the character.

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The transformed Wendigo will also carry on some aspects of its original host. This creates a serious problem that Wolverine and the Hulk are going to have to deal with together.

In Wolverine #37 preview pages shared by Marvel, Wolverine is hunting a clone of himself. Unfortunately, he finds the clone has eaten human flesh and succumbed to the curse of the Wendigo.

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