Wolverine’s rival, Sabretooth, launches a brutal attack on Wolverine’s son, Akihiro, in the “Sabretooth War” story arc. This is not the first time Sabretooth has caused harm to Wolverine’s family, but the savagery of Akihiro’s death will have a lasting impact on Wolverine. Akihiro’s resurrection may be uncertain due to the Krakoan dream being shattered and the mutants’ Resurrection Protocols being offline, leaving Wolverine to deal with the tragedy.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Wolverine #41The man Marvel Comics calls Wolverine is the Best There Is At What He Does, but that doesn’t mean he’s always been the best father to his son, Akihiro aka Fang. The clawed mutants have long had a pretty tumultuous relationship, but the X-Men’s Krakoan Age has given the pair a chance to make amends. But if there’s one thing Sabretooth can’t stand, it’s Wolverine’s happiness – and now Akihiro has paid the price for his father’s rivalry.

Wolverine #41 by Benjamin Percy, Victor LaValle, Geoff Shaw, Cory Smith, Oren Junior, and more kicks off the “Sabretooth War” story arc as Victor Creed launches his war against his oldest enemy with a crippling blow. As Akihiro butchers a deer to feed the remaining mutants at the Greenhouse, Sabretooth makes his presence known with an army of multiversal variants at his back.

Squaring off with Fang, Creed makes short work of the Dark Wolverine, grotesquely dismembering him and leaving his corpse and others in a “Happy Birthday” display for his father to find. And with Akihiro being only the second one of Logan’s “pups” killed in Creed’s new onslaught, things are clearly only going to get worse for Wolverine.


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Sabretooth Can’t Leave Wolverine Happy For Long

Reigniting Sabretooth’s tradition of blowing up Wolverine’s life every time he has a birthday, this Sabretooth War is the resurgence of a rivalry that fans haven’t seen since the dawn of the Krakoan Age. After all, Logan has been busy protecting Krakoa from external threats both on his own and as the field leader of Krakoa’s X-Force unit, while Sabretooth has spent the period of supposed peacetime either incarcerated in the Pit or on the lam while pursuing his own dark agendas. Now, his only agenda is bringing pain to his enemy, Wolverine, and he’s off to a horribly strong start.

Unfortunately, this isn’t even the first time that Sabretooth has been responsible for Fang’s death. During Logan’s time with the Uncanny X-Force, Sabretooth manipulated Akihiro, pitting him and his new Brotherhood against Logan and his allies. Ultimately, the conflict ended with Wolverine being forced to kill his own son – a death that stuck until Akihiro was resurrected as a Horseman of Apocalypse. This time, however, Fang’s resurrection may not even be possible with the Krakoan dream in shambles and the mutants’ Resurrection Protocols offline. And if Fang is truly gone for good, then Sabretooth might have made a grave mistake by stoking the rage of a Wolverine already dealing with the tragedies of Fall of X.

Fang Is Just A Pawn In Sabretooth’s War

Sabretooth and Wolverine’s rivalry is one of the most iconic histories in the X-Men franchise – far more so than Logan’s relationship with his son, Fang. Unfortunately for Akihiro, this means he’s a two-time casualty of a feral blood feud that has gone on for more than a century. And whether or not he’ll even be resurrected from this brutal assault is up in the air. This is far from the first time that Marvel ComicsSabretooth has harmed a member of Logan’s family, but as Creed himself puts it, the savagery of Fang‘s death is a gift Wolverine will never be able to forget.

Wolverine #41is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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