Things have been looking pretty bleak for mutants in the Marvel Universe lately. For Wolverine, it’s clear that life will continue to get worse before there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. That’s because everybody’s favorite X-Man is due for a hyper-violent rematch with his greatest enemy.

Marvel Comics has revealed Wolverine: The Sabretooth War, a new ten-issue storyline that pits Wolverine against Sabretooth for the first time in the current Krakoan era. This storyline begins in January’s Wolverine #41 and culminates in Wolverine #50 later in 2024.

Art by Leinil Yu. (Image Credit: Marvel)

The Sabretooth War is a collaboration between series writer Benjamin Percy and Victor LaValle, who previously penned 2021’s Sabretooth and 2022’s Sabretooth and the Exiles. This storyline features artwork from Cory Smith and Geoff Shaw, with covers by Leinil Yu.

This new storyline builds on the current Fall of X status quo, which has seen mutants become more hunted and feared than ever before. As one of the first mutants imprisoned on Krakoa, Sabretooth is now riding high on the destruction of the mutant nation. To celebrate, he’s reviving his old tradition of tormenting Wolverine on his birthday. But with Logan already pushed to the brink, the stage is set for their bloodiest and most violent showdown yet. Marvel also promises The Sabretooth War will shed new light on Wolverine and Sabretooth’s shared history.

“Sabretooth is the definition of big bad — one of the nastiest, cruelest, scariest villains in the 616 and Wolverine’s greatest nemesis,” Percy said in a press release. “Which is exactly why we haven’t allowed their stories to intersect — during this age of Krakoa — until now. The tension has built up painfully, and now these two savage titans are going to claw and slash their way into each other’s lives again in what will be the most violent Wolverine story in Marvel history.”

Art by Leinil Yu. (Image Credit: Marvel)

“I’m geeked I get to continue the story of Sabretooth that I began in that first mini-series back in 2021,” LaValle added. “Even more thrilled to tell it in tandem with my friend Ben Percy, who knows how to thrill and terrify with the best of them. We plan to make this a visceral story of two lifelong enemies coming to their most violent ends and I’m excited to get the blood flowing.”

Wolverine #41 will be released on January 10, 2024, followed by Wolverine #42 on January 31.


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 It’s been years since Wolverine and Sabretooth have battled it out, but that all changes when Marvel kicks off the blood-soaked epic Wolverine: The Sabretooth War in January 2024.  Read More