Wolverine and Venom come together in a new cosplay design, adding a deadly twist to the Marvel Universe’s most brutal characters.
@batsturd excels at creating composite characters, merging popular heroes and villains into unique cosplays like a recent Wolverine x Lobo design.
A slick Venomized Wolverine design is a treat for fans, combining the best features of both iconic characters to create something truly unique.

In Marvel Comics, the X-Men’s Wolverine and the Spider-Man-adjacent character known as Venom are two brutal heroes who constantly toe the line between what’s right and what’s highly questionable in the superhero community. Each powerful and deadly in their own right, a new cosplay design sees Wolverine and Venom come together as one, turning them into a kind of warrior that could take out the entire Marvel Universe if push came to shove.

Shared on Instagram by the prolific cosplayer known as @batsturd, this artistic talent excels when creating composite characters that combine the comic industry’s best and most popular heroes and villains.

Having dreamed up and worn more than a few inspired cosplays over the years, @batsturd has dressed as a Wolverine x Lobo hybrid called “Loborine,” donned a Batman x Spawn design, slipped into a Batman x Carnage suit, and even embodied the canon Marvel mash-up character of Hellverine, consistently nailing live-action looks for characters that will most likely never see the comic page in an official capacity.


Lobo and Wolverine Hybrid Cosplay Turns Them Into Comic’s Deadliest Hero

Lobo and Wolverine are two tough-as-nails heroes hailing from different comic universes, with a new cosplay merging them together to deadly results.

Cosplay Design By @batsturd

One, the best at what he does, and the other, a lethal protector for those who are in dire need of help, Wolverine and Venom, respectively, have been kicking around the Marvel Universe for some time now, with their paths rarely crossing in comics in any meaningful ways. Yet according to comic lore, Wolverine was the first hero to wear the symbiote, as shown in 2018’s Web of Venom: Ve’Nam #1, with Marvel’s sprawling Venomverse proving that even Laura Kinney’s version of Wolverine can’t escape the pull of a Klyntar’s influence.

Taking the best aspects of Logan’s formidable features as well as Venom’s deadly design, @batsturd shows what this version of Venomized Wolverine is made of by creating a slick black symbiote suit completed by yellow body accents and a Venom-esque spider logo that practically pops off his chest. Giving fans a short clip and then a close-up of this design, @batsturd further makes this cosplay his own by covering Wolverine’s face in a symbiote face guard, giving Logan big white Klyntar eyes, and of course, allowing Wolvie to unsheathe his claws in a way that would send his foes running.

Venomized Wolverine Is The Live-Action Look The MCU Needs

It seems like Marvel heroes and villains get Venomized all the time in comics, but getting the chance to see what a true Wolverine x Venom design could look like if he ever made his MCU debut is a treat for fans of both characters to see, and shows just how dedicated @batsturd is to their cosplay craft. Wolverine and Venom will undoubtedly meet again whenever the next evil plot threatening the safety of Earth-616 and beyond reveals itself, so it may not be long before these characters join forces to once again save the day.

Source: @batsturd


Hailing from Marvel Comics, Wolverine (a.k.a. Logan) is a human-mutant who primarily works with the X-Men despite his lone-wolf nature. Born with unparalleled regenerative powers, Wolverine eventually is subjected to excruciating scientific procedures that leaves him with an adamantium skeleton that allows him to slice through nearly an material before him. He is often reckless and impulsive and sports a short temper, but he is considered to be a valuable team member with a good heart hiding underneath his gruff exterior.


Venom is the name of an alien lifeform in the Marvel Comics canon that first premiered as a formless symbiote alien in “The Amazing Spider-Man” comic series. Initially a villain, Venom continued to bond with hosts such as Spider-Man and Eddie Brock, who affected his personality and eventually evolved into an antihero known as “The Lethal Protector.”

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