At this moment, The Marvels has been out of theaters for quite a while. The latest MCU movie has taken longer than usual after its theatrical run to come to different home formats, and while neither Disney or Marvel Studios have made an official announcement, fans are wondering just when they’ll be able to enjoy it at home.

Currently there is no confirmed release date on Disney+, but what we can do is get an estimate by looking at how previous releases from the company have done so. If you don’t want to wait for an announcement or for the movie to come to streaming, The Marvels did just release digitally to buy or rent in a variety of platforms, including iTunes, Microsoft Store, Prime Video, and many more.

When will The Marvels come to Disney+?

For the past few years since Disney+ has been available, Marvel Studios has followed a pretty simple formula with all of the MCU movies that have come out on theaters. After their theatrical run, however long that may be, the films become available to buy or rent on digital platforms. Then, almost always an exact month after, they are released on Disney+ for subscribers to stream and enjoy at no extra cost other than the basic service fee.

While The Marvels stayed for quite a long time on theaters around the world, it also took some time before it was made available on digital formats. It was only on January 16 that the movie came to the previously mentioned platforms. But now that we now, we could imagine that The Marvels will be released on Disney+ before the end of February, either on February 14, 21, or 28, as all of these days are a Wednesday, when the platform typically updates its library.

How much does Disney+ cost?

Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios

There are currently two tiers of subscriptions to Disney+:

Disney+ Basic costs $7.99 per month, and allows users to stream all of the content on the platform, with AdsDisney+ Premium costs $13.99 per month (or $139.99 per year), and allows users to stream Disney+ with no ads, as well as downloading the platform’s content to watch offline. Marvel Studios’ latest theatrical release, The Marvel, still hasn’t been released on streaming services, but we might now when it’ll be available.  Read More