Marvel Snap continues to provide fresh content with new cards, locations, and variants to keep players engaged. The upcoming December season of Marvel Snap is expected to introduce game-changing cards that players won’t want to miss. The Hellfire Gala-themed season will feature new cards and variants based on the iconic mutants and their foes from the X-Men universe.

Despite being over a year old, Marvel Snap continues to deliver new and unique seasonal content to keep the game feeling fresh with new cards, locations, and variants for players to collect. In addition to the new content available in the season pass, each season of Marvel Snap also introduces special bundles featuring new variants and avatars players can purchase. The December season for Marvel Snap is shaping up to be another solid season for the popular mobile game, and some of the new cards being added could be game-changers that players won’t want to miss out on grabbing.

Although the Higher, Further, Faster season of Marvel Snap is still ongoing and delivering powerful new cards like Ms. Marvel and Gladiator, Marvel Snap players may want to begin saving their Collector’s Tokens and Spotlight Keys for the upcoming season. Each season of Marvel Snap tends to introduce at least one new card that becomes a staple for many decks or completely transforms the meta, and the next Marvel Snap season looks to be in a prime position to add multiple meta-changing cards. December has historically been a huge season for Marvel Snap, and this trend appears to continue in 2023.

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According to datamined information, Marvel Snap‘s December 2023 season will be themed around the Hellfire Gala, the Hellfire Club’s annual celebration of mutant culture on Krakoa organized by the Black King and White Queen. As such, players can look forward to various new cards and variants based on this event that feature some of the X-Men’s iconic mutants and their foes. While plenty of stylish new variants seem to be coming this season, the most exciting part might be the new cards being added that boast some unique abilities that have the potential to reshape Marvel Snap‘s meta.

New Cards Coming to Marvel Snap’s Hellfire Gala Season





Sebastian Shaw



When this card permanently gains Power, gain +2 more Power. (wherever this is)




On Reveal: Merge your deck into this. (and gain its total Power) Ongoing: Can’t be moved.




On Reveal: Each card you played last turn gains this card’s Power.




After each turn, you lose 1 Max Energy and this gains +3 Power.




On Reveal: Afflict the lowest-Power card in each player’s hand with -3 Power.

The season pass card for Marvel Snap‘s Hellfire Gala season is the Black King of the Hellfire Club himself, Sebastian Shaw, who could potentially be another must-have season pass card with his incredibly useful ability. Sebastian Shaw could be great to pair with cards like Elsa Bloodstone, Okoye, and Silver Surfer due to the extra Power he gains when getting a permanent Power increase. While Firestar, Havok, and Selene could be useful in their own ways, Blob is the other potentially meta-defining card as his ability can potentially offer a huge Power swing on turn six and also completely disrupt players running Darkhawk decks.

As is typically the case with most Marvel Snap seasons, players can also expect tons of new cosmetics during the Hellfire Gala season, including Marvel Snap‘s card variants. Many cards appear to be getting stylish Hellfire Gala variants that see iconic characters like Black Panther, Doctor Doom, Rogue, and more dressed to the nines in fashionable Hellfire Club attire. Additionally, the season pass will also contain other cosmetics like new card backs, titles, and player avatars for those who decide to purchase the Premium or Premium + Season Pass, although free-to-play players can still earn a certain amount of currency from the season pass.

 As Marvel Snap’s December 2023 season approaches, players should prepare for new cards, cosmetics, and locations that will be available next month.  Read More